June 20, 2012


Five critical skills for managers of hybrid teams; Expert attorneys discuss whether workers' comp exclusivity protections protect the buyer as well as the supplier; Japan is set to restrict temp worker usage

Strategy: Critical Skills for Managers of Hybrid Teams

20 June 2012

Contemporary managers can’t rely on book smarts; they need broader skills to lead mixed teams comprised of regular employees and contingent talent. We list five of the most important.

Risk: Does Workers' Comp Protect the Buyer from Lawsuits?

20 June 2012

In this final article meant to debunk myths that persist in the contingent workforce arena, attorneys Eric H. Rumbaugh and Mark Lotito discuss workers’ compensation and joint employment.

Risk: Contingent Worker Files Suit After Find of Racist Figurine

20 June 2012

A contingent worker at a Goodyear rubber plant in Beaumont, Texas, filed a discrimination suit against the company after finding a racist figurine inside his locker.

Costs: Legislation to Add Costs and Risks in Japan

20 June 2012

Looming changes in Japan are set to tighten the regulation of both staffing agencies and the companies that use temporary agency workers, changes that will add to the cost and risk of using contingent workers. 

Blog: Where Is the MSP Going?

20 June 2012

Hotly debated and oft-reviled, there is no doubt that managed service providers have changed the face of the staffing industry, writes Editorial Director Subadhra R. Sriram in The Contingent Blog. While their strategic value has never been questioned, buyers of staffing services are questioning... More

Risk: Documentation for IC Classifications

20 June 2012

Any number of events could trigger an IRS or other agency audit of your independent contractor classifications. Callabrus has compiled a list of what documentation you should keep on hand in the event it happens to your company. 

Strategy: Hire like a Rock Star

20 June 2012

A musician-turned-CEO makes says the way to successful candidate selection is how musicians screen for bands: fit first. Read more here.

SIA Research: Building Best Practices in Your Program

20 June 2012

Every contingent workforce program needs to have a strong foundation on which to grow. Whether a company has an externally managed program supported by a third-party MSP (managed service provider) or an internally, company-staffed program, there are fundamental practices a program should establish.