June 13, 2012


The Procurement Guy takes on the debate over who should own the contingent workforce program; Is the skills gap solvable or is there a labor market paradox?

Strategy: Who Should Be in Charge of Your CW Program

13 June 2012

Whether procurement or HR should manage the contingent workforce is hotly debated. Our Procurement Guy has his own opinions, and they may very well surprise you.

Quality: Solving the Labor Market Paradox

13 June 2012

Amid persistently high unemployment rates, companies maintain they are having a hard time finding people with the skills they need. Is this truly a paradox, or can this gap be closed?

Costs: New Report Is Critical of Outsourcing, Walmart

13 June 2012

A report released last week is critical of outsourcing — and the use of staffing firms in such circumstances — and took aim at Walmart in particular. The report calls for several steps to get tougher on outsourcing by companies. Walmart has already blasted the report.

Strategy: Why the MSP’s Role Is Crucial

13 June 2012

Making sure you and your hiring managers are familiar with the contingent worker hiring process and the managed service provider will pay off.