January 18, 2012


With talent shortages on the rise, how your supplier recruits is critical; Contingent workers are suing their staffing firm and hotel clients in a wage and hour case.

Recruiting: Go Hi-Tech or Go Home

18 January 2012

With staffing firms saying recruiting talent is a bigger challenge than selling their own services, how they find that talent is critical to CW managers. How hi-tech is your provider?

Legal Eagle: Staffing Firm, Clients Hit with $10 Million Suit

18 January 2012

A staffing firm and its hotel clients have been sued by a group of contingent workers who allege they were regularly not paid for all hours worked or overtime. 

Around the Web: Obama Urges Insourcing; European Worker Exodus

18 January 2012

President Obama urges companies to return work to America, offering incentives to those that do, the LA Times reported. Meanwhile, Europe is facing an exodus of skilled workers amid a faltering economy.

Blog: Pandora’s Box

18 January 2012

The Pandora’s box of misclassification has been opened and related concerns are not going away. Neither is the usage of independent workers, blogs Editorial Director Subadhra R. Sriram.