February 8, 2012


A warehouse and its staffing provider are barred from firing workers who are suing them; Personal data protections may get stricter in Europe. 

News: Judge Rules Firms Can’t Fire Contract Workers

8 February 2012

A federal judge ruled workers who are suing a California warehouse cannot be fired.

Europe: Stricter Personal Data Protections Proposed

8 February 2012

Coming on the heels of high-profile persona data breaches, proposed regulations will add significant burdens to companies doing business in Europe.

Blog: The Best in Social Media

8 February 2012

Are your vendors using social media effectively? Used well, social media can help attract the best candidate, but too many companies are ineffective at it, blogs Editorial Director Subadhra R. Sriram. We’re looking for the best social media campaigns in the staffing industry.

Around the Web: Global Hiring; Low-Skilled Falling Behind

8 February 2012

Have a local presence when hiring at a distant location; Low-skilled workers being left behind.