July 27, 2011 - Vol. 3.17


This issue of CWS 30 discusses what criteria should be the focus when setting performance goals for CW programs and what metrics should be used in CW bonus plans. Also in this issue, we discuss some of the many staffing associations in the world and why a firm's membership matters to companies that use the firm's services.

Ask the Procurement Guy: Setting Performance Goals

27 July 2011

A reader wonders which criteria should be focused on when setting performance goals for a CW program. Bryan Peña, The Procurement Guy, responds. Hint: It’s not all about savings.

Heard on the Street: Linking Bonus to CW Results

27 July 2011

Because labor is a major component of cost for many companies, that becomes an outcome a CW group might be measured on. As a result, some companies are beginning to tie bonuses to such metrics.

Behind the News: Europe: Why Staffing Association Membership Matters

27 July 2011

There are a number of associations throughout the world that represent staffing firms. Their efforts on behalf of their membership can have significant effects on companies that use staffing services.

Because You Asked: IC: The Pandora’s Box

27 July 2011

Delving into whether your independent contractors are properly classified can be likened to opening Pandora’s Box, but it’s one that’s necessary to open.