Staffing Industry Analysts Healthcare Summit in Tweets

Another one of Staffing Industry Analysts’ conferences has passed: the 10th annual Healthcare Staffing Summit. It was a great conference with an interesting keynote speech about healthcare reform from former Vermont Governor Howard Dean. We also had an interesting debate about healthcare during the Great Debate session. So as I have done in the past, here is what I learned from the conference from Twitter. It is always interesting to read the posts and see what conference attendees picked up as interesting tidbits. I have edited for clarity; otherwise, this is what was said by our speakers and panelists and picked up by those who tweeted.

  • 1997 all states were under 20% obese in 2010 all states are over 20% obese
  • Big risk to healthcare staffing - Medicare fraud
  • By a show of hands, about 50/50 of staffing companies in the session are willing to pay the penalty for healthcare reform vs. providing healthcare to employees
  • Healthcare panel 57% of people get health insurance from employers in 2012
  • Need a woman president in this country in the worst way for many reasons, said Howard Dean
  • Great thing to break link between business and healthcare. It's going to start with small business, they will pay fines rather provide healthcare
  • If HMOs come back, they will have to be nonprofit or privately held
  • New labs & new MRIs don't reduce healthcare costs, it increases costs, because the hospitals have to 'sell' usage
  • Hospitals will buy insurance companies and insurance companies will buy hospitals. As a result of this behavior, hospitals will bet lump sum fees for service
  • Fee for service medicine drives up costs. Hospitals get paid for filling up their ICU
  • Why free market forces don’t work in healthcare. Patient doesn't decide to have an expensive operation, doctors do
  • Affordable Healthcare Act written with a lot of special interests why it has so many problems
  • Median number of staffing suppliers, buyers of healthcare staffing services use: 4
  • HC buyers use temp labor because a regular employee is not available
  • Median length of assignment for: per diem nurse -  7 weeks; travel nurse – 13 weeks; physician – 20 weeks
  • Buyers of healthcare staffing are more likely to be in general management rather than HR or procurement
  • 3As of leadership: analyzing, allocating, aligning
  • Management is about doing things right, leadership is doing the right things – Drucker
  • Affordable healthcare act both good & bad for healthcare staffing
  • VMS - the vanishing margin strategy
  • Regular nurse costs have risen by 3x over temp nurses according to NATHO study
  • When hospitals are staffed well patient care goes up, that's what temp staffing does
  • Temp staffing has to be better introduced to hospitals to improve care
  • John Hopkins study says that varying types of error 2-8 times more likely in hospitals with temp staffing


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