2013 Staffing Industry Analysts' Executive Forum in Tweets

The 2013 Staffing Industry Analysts’ Executive Forum was amazing for many reasons.  It was the largest Executive Forum ever, with more than 900 attendees, it was one of highest rated conferences ever and it had some of the best content.  As you will see below from the tweets, attendees loved Billy Beane’s discussion on big data, loved Ron Kaufman’s advice on service and took away practical information from Jack Daly.  Additionally, Barry Asin, the president of Staffing Industry Analysts gave us 18 predictions for the future, check them out below.  Staffing Industry Analysts Executive Forum was clearly the place to see and be seen.  For those of you who couldn’t attend, we hope this conference recap is helpful, and maybe a little fun. We look forward to seeing all of you in the future!

By the way, these are all actually tweets that were sent during the conference.  They were not edited with the exception of fixing a typo or two.  If you want to look them up, search #execforum on Twitter. Thank you to all our tweeters or collaborated to create this collection.

Thank you @execforum -- As a first timer to your conference we learned a ton and can't wait to put it to practice!

wow --> “@execforum: Lose 18% revenue per year from current customers on avg, have to grow over that to have real growth

Great sessions, amazing people, innovative vendors. Great show this year @execforum. If you didn't attend, you missed out.

Multi-day conferences are a lesson in attrition. Crowds smaller today, but I bet they're also smarter and more successful.

An effective social and online strategy starts with a great editorial calendar

"If you don't have an assistant you are one." Jack Daly

Sports teams are run better than businesses

If you don't have 500+ connections on LinkedIn you are not a player Jack Daly

13 to 20 % gross margins when you work with #VMS/MSP models.

Focus precedes success -Jack Daly

Need to get you funnel right for collaborating with VMS & MSP

#MSP model can help staffing firms scale, multiply revenue: panel in Colonial Room.

Biz plan is what u are and culture is who you are. Simple but profound

On a panel this morning on building a non-commoditized business. My message: you can't specialize enough these days.

RT @martymjm: Social Media is changing the recruiting day to day operations

'we want to partner' Linkedin wants to be our friend. Does anyone else get the feeling that friendship will be one way?

Jim Duddy at LinkedIn says he wants to partner with staffing firms not compete

Engrain data into the DNA of your firm. Arm your team with info to make smarter decisions. -Kyle Braun, Director @CareerBuilder

“Attendees at SIA executive forum in Orlando think 2013 is going to be a very good year! #execforum” The positivity here is infectious!!

Attendees at SIA executive forum think 2013 is going to be a very good year!

Staffing firms have a 45% net promoter score = to Mercedes Benz I <3 the SIA research team. Truly appreciate their obsession with the data that creates meaning and money

Will linkedin become an online staffing company?

10 years after college graduation, millienials can expect to have 11 jobs -Michael Miles

Congratulations to Michael Miles, winner of the 2013 Peter Yessne Staffing Innovator Award

Traditional #hiring methods are a way of the past. Not convinced? Online staffing will reach $5 Billion in 2018, $1 Billion today

I see massive shifts happening in staffing: temps-->talent, cold calls-->curation, big hair-->big data.

Social Media is changing the recruiting day to day operations

Variability is what makes sourcing so difficult. Mike Cleland.

More profiles on Google Plus than LinkedIn

Online labour work force valued at 5b in next 5 years ???

You cannot disintermediate a two-sided transaction but you can bring more efficiencies. --Jeffrey Levinthal

online recruitment, looking at the 1B market segment with over 50 brands such odesk & @workana @Evenbase

Thoughts on this? @Fabio_Rosati sez the biggest pot. threat to the staffing industry is if @LinkedIn goes into recruiting

CEO of elance says he was greeted at #execforum by attendee who called him "the enemy." Those who innovate will always threaten status quo

Majority of biz's hiring and talent placed on @Elance is US. They also have strong reputation model for the ec@execforum Knowledge is power! I am feeling like a super hero.

Elance has a fill rate of 50%, typically it takes 3 days to hire

.@Elance billed $700M to date (customers are SMBs), 1M new jobs annually. Built biz via WOM and LeadGen. - @Fabio_Rosati.

Picking talent at the right place, right time, right price is core to @Elance biz model. @Fabio_Rosati is speaking our lingo at

Elance started as a VMS, focused on saving large companies 10-20%

Listening to CEO of @Elance @Fabio_Rosati at #execforum. Got idea when GE said they wanted to be a 1/3 (staff) 2/3 (outsourced) company

Why does the staffing industry suffer from an identity crisis? Good place to start a discussion.

The speaker said procurement hates us. Who does procurement actually like? I think they hate everyone equally.

@ManpowerGroupJJThe company with the best talent wins! The best talent is demanding more flexibility.

@ChartedPath True! Individual choice and client sophistication are giving top talent more choices than ever.

The high destiny of the individual is to serve rather than to rule.--Albert Einstein

The experience customers value involves creating service in the product, delivery, mindset and ongoing relationship.

Basic service is the bare minimum- A smelly taxi that takes you to your hotel. Provide service that is unbelievable!

#execforum: Ron Kaufman, Rising expectations from both clients and consultants for better service from staffing companies? True or false?

Service excellence & a service culture bring a competitive advantage, increased profitability and customer loyalty. Ron Kaufman

#execforum the definition of service is “taking action to create value for someone else”. Ron Kaufman

An aligned internal culture is the proven path to delighting your clients and delivering superior customer service.  Ron Kaufman

#execforum does anyone truly aligned culture?

Creating good culture is not random or ad-hoc.

Are you ready for this? RT @GlenCathey: Predictive analytics is the future of talent management and recruiting

Heard Billy Bean describe how the Oakland As used Bigdata to revolutionize how baseball picks players. Lessons for recruiting!

According to @REricGilpin of @CareerBuilder - 50% of emails are opened on a mobile phone. Recruiters need a mobile strategy

RT @GlenCathey: College educated unemployment still below 4% ow.ly/i490k

Do you agree/disagree? RT @execforum: Billy Beane says the NFL is the best run sports franchise

RT @martymjm: "I don't do math for fun, I just trust it."--Billy Beane #execforum Don't you love that quote @tomburg ?!

Remove emotion & create an objective, efficient process to measure year-over-year progress & results. -Moneyball's Billy Beane

.@GarySchrader on "skills" that drive recruitment/job hunting: starting interviews. What "skills drive your biz?

RT @KitaFair: Use data+objective analysis to find strengths/weaknesses+then build on those to create your best team. -Billy Beane

Nerdocracy: Sports used to be run by ex-jocks, "Moneyball" threw a curveball at the entire industry.

Sometimes the right talent is worth the wait: It took 1.5 years for Billy Beane to mathlete assistant.

From last session - barter your staffing services for product/service you need

Healthcare reform net neutral for staffing industry, does mean rising costs, but other costs will rise as well Keynote @BarryAsin prediction: North American Market will remain 1/3 of global staffing market ($417 billion in 2012)

martymjm RT @execforum: US staffing market $160 billion by 2018, think there will be a recession between now & then

Jon Osborne of SIA cites construction, energy & manufacturing as industries with strong opp for staffing growth

Last year 1/3 of all temporary workers were offers full time employment at the end of their assignment.


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