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Vietnam – Demand for skilled workers

05 July 2013

The Hanoi People’s Council intends to draft a resolution to attract educated and skilled workers to work for local governments. Part of the incentive could be salaries up to 20 times the national base level. Educators and instructors producing top level talent will also be rewarded.

The local government employees would have to agree to work for a minimum of seven consecutive years in order to qualify for the proposed scheme. Those selected would be given employment at local government agencies without have to pass the regular admissions tests. In addition to higher salaries, participants of the programme will have to opportunity to attend a number of training courses, both domestic and international, with financial support.

Candidates with outstanding academic records, particularly in science-related field will be highly sought after. Current Vietnamese unemployment rate is estimated by the IMF to sit at 4.47%.


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Mr. Zoban 07/14/2013 07:49 am

I have been an employer hiring a number of foreigners in Vietnam for a number of years, My work has included working on government contracts. My experience tells me not to hold my breath. This sort of news comes out with regularity - yet it is s sick, twisted pastime to find ways take advantage of workers, especially foreigners by not honoring contracts and delivering half or less of what's promised.

Eduard 07/10/2013 10:46 am

Quite interesting in order to catch great employees from other countries that are currently in a bad economical situation or with high unemployment rate.

I am currently looking forward to move to Asia, Vietnam as the main goal, so I will be following up this matter closely .

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