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Singapore – Job advertisement guidance released

21 October 2013

The Tripartite Alliance for Fair Employment Practices (TAFEP) has released guidance via the fair employment website to give employers greater clarity on how they can legally advertise for staff. The list includes what is, and what it not, acceptable in job advertisements.

Nationality: Words or phrases that exclude Singaporeans or indicate preference for non-Singaporeans should not be used. Singapore has recently introduced measures to increase the job opportunities for Singaporeans rather than permit companies to automatically seek employees from overseas. All companies with more than 25 members of staff are required to advertise locally before they are allowed to source foreign candidates.

Language: If a job entails a proficiency in a particular language, employers should justify the need for the requirement i.e. language teacher or translator.

Age: Words or phrases that suggest preference for job candidates of a particular age group should not be used.   

Race: This should not be a criterion for the selection of job candidates, as multi-racialism is a fundamental principle in Singapore.

Religion: This is unacceptable as a criterion for recruitment; except in cases where employees have to perform religious functions as part of the job requirement i.e. Chef required to handle pork and beef.

Genders: Words or phrases that suggest preference for job candidates of a particular gender should not be used i.e. physical work required.

Marital Status: Generally an irrelevant criterion in employment as jobs can be performed equally well be either married or single persons. It is permitted however, when frequent overseas travel is expected.

For further information, please visit the TAFEP website by clicking here


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