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Malaysia – ICT among the best paid jobs

17 January 2014

Salaries in Malaysia’s Information and Communications Technology (ICT) industry lag behind their south-east Asian neighbours, but the industry still has some of the top 10 best-paying jobs in the country, reports malaysiandigest.com.

In a survey from online job board JobStreet.com of the top 10 best-paying jobs in Malaysia, careers in technical fields still proved a good return on investment, and continue to improve as a candidate’s career progresses.

JobStreet.com,citing a recent Nielsen survey, noted that salaries are the most important factor for Malaysian jobseekers. When it came to choosing a job. Using its online salary-matching feature, the company compiled a report on the Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in Malaysia, which showed that most jobs in the top 10 list tend to be technical- or science-based.

These are just basic salaries and do not include any other forms of compensation; such as leave credits, medical benefits, insurance and incentives.

On average, fresh graduates can earn anywhere between MYR 1,500 (USD 455) and MYR 3,600 (USD 1,090), with the average being MYR 2,100 (USD 637) across most industries.

Most specialisations in the list of Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in the junior executive level are in technical fields, including Process Design & Control, Engineering (Oil/ Gas), Aviation, and IT Software. On average, junior executives can earn a salary of between MYR 2,100 (USD 637) and MYR 3,900 (USD 1,182), with the average being MYR 2,800 (USD 850) across all industries.

For senior executives, the engineering sector pays employees well. Out of the top 10, they take up three slots in the best paying jobs. On average, senior executives can earn a salary range from MYR 3,200 (USD 970) to MYR 7,500 (USD 2,275), with the average being MYR 4,300 (USD 1,300) across all industries.

Doctors, engineers, and managers in the aviation arena all draw the highest pay, with doctors earning the highest with an average salary of MYR 9,500 (USD 2,880) per month. On average, managers can earn a salary ranging from MYR 3,900 (USD 1,182) to MYR 9,500 (USD 2,880), with the average being MYR 6,600 (USD 2,000) across all industries.

It takes years of experience and expertise before employees become senior managers, but all that hard work pays off, according to JobStreet.com. Overall, senior managers specialising in such roles as IT Hardware, Quality Control/ Assurance and Geophysics have the top highest-paying jobs at this level. On average, senior managers can earn a salary range from MYR 5,555 (USD 1,685) to MYR 18,100 (USD 5,488), with the average being MYR 12,800 (USD 3,882) across all industries.


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