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Korea – Clamp down on unlawful use of dispatch workers

01 July 2013

Samsung Electronics has been accused by the main opposition party in Korea of illegally using approximately 10,000 dispatch [temporary] workers at various locations across South Korea. This allegation comes on the back of similar accusations against Hyundai Motor.

A statement from the Democratic Party and the South Korean Organisation of Progressive Lawyers (MINBYUN) said, “We have confirmed that Samsung committed illegal acts including disguising the hiring of workers through subcontracting work to partner firms and then directly handled the labour management.”

Under Korean Labour Laws, subcontracted employees should remain under the direct supervision and control of the subcontractor, not the company employing the subcontractor. This is to prevent the subversion of the two-year policy, whereby companies that have hired dispatch employees for two consecutive years are obliged to employ them as fulltime workers.

Kwon Yeong-guk, a representative of MINBYUN, said, “By using disguised partner companies, Samsung is making it harder for fair trade to take place.”

A spokesperson for Samsung commented, “Since all of our partner companies are being operated independently, it does not make sense to talk about illegal dispatching.’  


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