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India - Women are now being preferred at workplaces

04 January 2013

Gone are the days when women were restricted only to their homes according to The Times of India. Today’s women are not just educated, but well-empowered.

Anil Warrier, director of India Staffing, a research and development company, states the reasons. "One of the major reasons why women weren’t preferred at workplaces earlier is for maternity breaks. Earlier, most of them rescued to the option of resigning or opt for long breaks. However, the scenario has changed now with companies offering them the option to work from home. Even issues like working late nights have been modified according to an individual’s convenience. All the problems have been given a flexible solution that this issue doesn’t seem to appear larger anymore," he says.

He also says rates women more highly as managers. He says, "I think they make better managers than men. They have the ability to multi-task and know how to keep the team together. I think today’s women are more creative and have varied solutions to handle a crisis."

Entrepreneur Namrata Kini Radhakrishnan, agrees, "Women have people skills and that’s one of the reasons why they are preferred more at workplaces. To handle a team full of people who come from various backgrounds takes a skill to handle them. I am sure women can do it better than men. Their emotional quotient is also better than men, which is why I think they are preferred more at workplaces today."

There have been times when men didn’t like to work under women bosses. Nevertheless, Priya Chetty-Rajagopal, vice-president and partner at an executive research company says that gender issues don’t matter in today’s world. "People don’t really think if they are working under a male or a female boss these days. They don’t compare on the basis of gender, but on the basis of work approach. People have accepted different temperaments men and women work with, and such things don’t matter today. As a matter of fact, such issues might just become redundant in the next couple of years," she explains.

Anil also informs that Gen Y women are more competitive and aggressive when it comes to work. "The Gen Y girls are much more strong and aggressive. Their attitude towards work is completely different. They not only work hard, but also come up with ideas that are exceptional. I think the notion to work under women bosses have faded and died," he says. Namrata adds, "Such tags don’t even enter a man’s radar today. I think it’s all about who is performing at their workplace today."


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