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India – Only a third of graduates are employable

31 January 2014

An assessment of a hundred thousand students on various skills found that only 34% were employable, with women faring better than men in the tests, according to the National Skill Report 2014 survey carried out by Wheebox, an online assessment firm, reports The Economic Times India.

The top 10 cities to source ‘employable’ candidates were Ajnala, Dhariwal, Ponneri, Akola, Fatehgarh, New Delhi, Coimbatore, and Madurai. The survey also found that most of the ‘employable’ candidates were looking for work in pharmacy, engineering, and IT.

Nirmal Singh, founder and CEO of Wheebox, commented: "The top agenda for the next government should be to create a talent pool and jobs.”

The survey also revealed that 42% of the women who took the tests were employable, compared with only 30% men. The report stated: "With such quality of female talent pool available, companies have a great opportunity in hand to improve the gender ratio in their organisations."

The government is faced with a huge challenge to upgrade skills and improve the education standards to meet the demand of the job market, reports The Economic Times India. Experts say huge efforts are needed to fill the gap as 12 million youth are being added to the job market.

Rituparna Chakraborty, senior vice-president of Teamlease, a staffing firm, and called for radical changes: "Not all of them can be doctors or engineers.”

She called on the next government must revamp the Apprenticeship Act to make it attractive for employers as well as the youth. "It has to be in tune with the demand of the market place," she concluded.


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Jeanne Heydecker01/31/2014 08:55 am

It must be even worse at the MBA level. I've met plenty of MBAs here in India that have the degree but are just starting out as freshers. The overall quality of talent at that level must be less than 10% in my experience. They don't have even basic computer skills, no international English background, and their ideas on how to start up or run a business? Absolutely clueless. Wheebox should do a study on that group as well.

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