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Brazil - The professions for 2014

24 December 2013

In 2014, the year of the World Cup and elections in Brazil, Michael Page Executive Search, has surveyed which skills will be most in demand. According to Paul Bridges, Chairman of Michael Page in Brazil, many sectors will see increases next year, but areas related to marketing and infrastructure will be the most requested. 

In marketing, especially, there will be an increased interest in digital retail commerce - e-commerce - as well as the growth of segments related to the provision of services and the quality of customer relationships in the digital environment says Bridges.

According to Fernando Poziomczyk, Office Manager for Michael Page in Porto Alegre, sporting events including the World Cup and the Olympics have initiated a process of adjustment of the country's infrastructure, but there is a local “joke” according to Poziomczyk that says if Vale (the Brazilian Mining Company) and Petrobras (the semi-public Brazilian multinational energy corporation) were to hire all the engineers they need, there would not be any left for any other company.

Overall, Michael Page highlighted ten key roles for 2014. These and the company’s notes concerning these roles are shown below:

1. Digital Marketing

 There are no doubts that digital is a reality within the market and that companies are increasingly seeing the importance of focussing on it.

2. Business Planning

2013 was a very tight year for the consumer goods industry and projections for 2014 are for a very competitive market and profit margins shrinking to achieve winning position. This inevitably develops the need to create positions with more strategic focus actions and positions with analytical bias following the implementation of these strategies directly at the point of sale. 

3. Marketing and Sales

It is essential that suppliers are prepared to understand and meet the demands of the public sector which is increasingly important

4. Civil Engineering

Need for greater control over the financial return of works (lower margins) and an expected increased volume of infrastructure. 

5. Geo-Scientists (geophysicists, geologists)

Demand is based on the expectancy of the oil industry having a better year in 2014.

6. Work Safety Engineers

Biggest concern of businesses and society on occupational health and expected increased volume of infrastructure.

7. Actuary

Expected growth due to momentum of the insurance and reinsurance market in 2013.

8. Data Scientist (training in computer science or systems analysis)

Demand will be high because of the opportunities in the increased use of big data technologies, the fundamental concept in data storage systems and higher speeds.

9. Law/Accounting

Brazilian tax complexity will continue demanding positions with legal and accounting training. The profile requires excellent technical tax base knowledge and especially favours those with good business acumen.

10.  Engineering/Economics

Common professional positions in financial modelling and feasibility of new business/projects (the infrastructure market should be warm).


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