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Australia – SEEK appoints CFO

30 June 2015

Australian job board SEEK (SEK: ASX) today announced that it has appointed Geoff Roberts to the position of Chief Financial Officer.

Mr Roberts, who has more than 20 years of financial experience, will join the company in November 2015.

Earlier this year, SEEK announced that current CFO John Armstrong...

India – Randstad’s regional CEO bullish, sees great growth potential

29 June 2015

Moorthy K. Uppaluri, Managing Director & CEO of Randstad India, is bullish about the increase in the number of temporary workers, known locally as flexi-workers, working for Randstad, according to an interview in thehindubusinessline.com.

Mr Uppaluri stated: “We are excited with the opportunity...

Malaysia – Trade union calls for two-year foreign worker recruitment freeze

29 June 2015

The Malaysian Trades Union Congress (MTUC) has called on the government to freeze the recruitment of foreign workers for a period of two years to avoid dumping of foreign workers in the country, reports astroawani.com.

MTUC president Mohd Khalid Atan said this was because the influx of foreign workers...

Nepal – Recruitment firms picket against changes to overseas recruitment

29 June 2015

Overseas recruitment firms in Nepal picketed the country’s Department of Foreign Employment (DOFE) last week. Demanding that the new mandate that foreign employers pay visa and travel fees for Nepalese migrant workers be revoked, reports ekantipur.com.

Around 300 protesters chanted slogans and waved...

Australia – Clarius Group appoints CFO

29 June 2015

Australian recruitment firm Clarius Group (CND: ASX) announced that Andy Watt has been appointed to the position of Chief Financial Officer, effective from 27 July 2015.

Mr Watt is a chartered accountant with extensive senior commercial management and technology-based finance experience in Australia and...

Japan – Job availability hits new high

26 June 2015

Japan's job availability rose to its highest level in roughly 23 years, while the unemployment rate remained flat in May, indicating that labour market conditions continued to improve amid economic recovery, reports asia.nikkei.com.

The ratio of employment offers to seekers rose to 1.19 from 1.17 in April,...

China – Shortage of workers with strong technical and business skills driving up wages

26 June 2015

A shortage of workers with both strong technical and business skills in China has caused employers to scramble, increasing the demand for professionals with specific abilities, according to the China Salary Guide 2015 from recruitment firm ZW HR Consulting.

Due to the value added services that HR Professionals...

Singapore – Wages rise despite drop in employment

26 June 2015

Employment in Singapore fell unexpectedly between January and March 2015, the first contraction in the employment market since the second quarter of 2009, reports Reuters.

Despite jobs growth in the services sector decreasing sharply, and manufacturers cutting jobs against a backdrop of tepid economic...

Malaysia – Poor English a barrier to jobs for most graduates

26 June 2015

Poor command of the English language among university graduates is the main barrier to them securing employment, reports malaysia-chronicle.com.

Chew Seng Choon, an English language consultant and trainer who has conducted training programmes for university students, said the root cause of the deterioration...

Japan – Prime Minister convinced dispatch worker law changes are good for temporary workers, others not convinced

25 June 2015

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is confident that the amendment to the law on the dispatch of temporary workers, which has been sent to the Upper House after being approved by the Lower House last week, will pave the way for temporary workers to get regular full-time jobs, reports japantimes.co.jp...