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Why Workers Leave (hint: It’s not just about the money)

Employees don’t leave because they are being paid less. Don’t get me wrong. Money matters. But as a recent survey from Staffing Industry Analysts revealed, there’s more to it than $.

About half the time (51 percent) employees get disgruntled and leave due to bad management and bad environment, the survey indicated.  Then there are those --21 percent - who want to advance their careers and feel that there is no opportunity where they are. This sends them looking for greener pastures.

Personal situations and work/life considerations (15 percent) were also reasons people left. Interestingly, only 13 percent of those surveyed left because they wanted more money. But here’s the thing – note that the most frequent reasons employees leave a job – bad management, bad environment, are all factors management is well posted to improve. Staff turnover is in your hands.

The survey asked internal employees of staffing firms “Why did you leave your last staffing job?” A sample of responses from 500 people were analyzed. These folks had had at least a year’s experience in the industry. In addition, they had worked as an internal employee for at least one other staffing agency earlier.

Results revealed that a poor daily experience is something most workers dread.  Change your management style, provide that career path, put the right controls in place and you could be creating the dream staffing team. Smart consultants can help you revamp your culture.

These findings are just as critical to buyers of staffing. For starters, staffing firms that hold on to their internal workers are more likely to treat their temporary workers well.  This means that you would get a better quality temp if you chose the right provider. Further, you could apply these principles to your own staff and reap the benefits.

Make those changes and watch your disgruntled employees become happier and more productive. They won’t want to leave.


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