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Movin' on up -- or -- Home is where the heart is...

As you may already be aware, Staffing Industry Analysts recently moved to new offices. 

We did so partly to accommodate growth and partly because the commercial real estate bust worked in our favor, liberating a large professional space at a reasonable price.

We were all pretty giddy to see the new building.  Things had reached the point in the old place, that some of the most recent hires... More

Half of staffing buyers still use assignment limits--why?

When we surveyed staffing buyers in 2006 regarding contingent worker assignment limits, 51% said they had some kind of limit on length of assignment for such workers.  Limits varied widely from less than a year to more than a year.  The most recent buyer survey, completed a few months ago, found almost exactly the same result.  That's not what we expected.

In the past, buyers relied on... More