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Shock: Man at work for 12 years not an independent contractor

In October, an Illinois federal court found that a building maintenance worker employed for twelve years had been improperly classified as an independent contractor, and that his employer thus failed to pay him overtime in violation of the Fair Labor Standards Act and state minimum wage law. 

The employer in question monitored the quality of his work, disciplined him whenever his work fell below... More

Are Missourians really less well-audited...or just more law-abiding?

A recently published study by the Missouri State Auditor found that independent contractor misclassification audits performed by the state of Missouri identified just 0.1 misclassified workers per audit, well below the national average of 1.34.

This result comports with my own impression of Missourians, as polite law-abiding people in tidy neighborhoods, who would never fail to use their turn signal... More