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I am thinking about a workshop that I am putting together for Staffing Industry Analysts Healthcare Summit and I was wondering if one could do all of their marketing using photos. Truth of the matter is what started me thinking about this was I went to an event last night and I ended up as part of someone’s Facebook profile photo. But then I thought about these things:

1. The things I look at on Twitter often have photos attached to them

2. Pinterest is remarkably successful

3. More pictures are taken with an iPhone than any other device.

So I thought could you put together a social marketing campaign for a staffing firm using only photos and I thought, yes! And it can be incredibly effective. Here are a couple of scenarios that you could use to lift your company ahead of all others:

The Happy Candidate Campaign

This one seems pretty obvious, but I have yet to see a staffing firm do this. You ask a successful contingent worker to photograph her day and send you the pictures, then you can tweet them out as you receive them. This is a fun, social campaign and a good way to promote your brand. By having the worker send you the pictures first, you can send out the messages you want with the pictures and make sure the campaign stays on message.

The Implementation Process

Implementation can be a sticky process, but think about it in pictures. Think about the “war room” plan photograph it, then the screen shots of your VMS tool that shows how the “war room” plan turned into technology. Show users testing the technology. Highlight your trainers with brief video. Get a customer testimony with another video showing people using your tool. What a great way to document your process and show how an implementation works, socially. You put each step on your Facebook page to show customers and prospects how your implementation is better than the rest.

New Product Launch

New product launches are very complicated, but if you think of them as a marketing campaign it might improve your launch process. Use photos to demonstrate getting your product/service to market and let the photos do the talking. When I do a product launch it involves messaging, message testing, collateral, presentations, press releases, meetings and training. Can your messaging be a series of photos that you take to describe what you do or how this product or service is better? Instead of a PowerPoint presentation, can you have a group of photos that show your service in action? Instead of traditional collateral, can it be a photo? Imagine that you created a tab for your company page on Linked In that shows your product launch, so when people are looking for your company, you are telling them what is new using a series of photos. It’s a bit of a challenge, because you have to think through the process, but someone once said “a picture is worth one thousand words.”

Taking the next steps

Many staffing companies don’t use social media to its fullest extent. It’s difficult, it requires constant nurturing and there are so many platforms to consider. People like photographs and videos, putting your marketing into the hands of video and photos can be fun and invigorating for your company, your campaigns and your customers and prospects. Social marketing gives us all an opportunity to think differently and deliver a more personal and human messages. So when you get that next big customer win, how about a tweet of a picture of your president shaking the hands of your new customer’s president? When that big implementation gets completed, how about documenting the process with photos and putting it on your Facebook page? As that new product gets launched, show us the product on your LinkedIn company site. These are ways you can use social media to show us who you are, rather than just tell us.


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Hinda 06/19/2013 06:07 pm

Thank you Lisa and Joan for your ideas!

McKinley Marketing Partners

Lisa Weiss 06/19/2013 04:45 pm

I love this post, especially as the Marketing Manager of a staffing firm, who utilizes social media. I too have struggled with incorporating more pictures in my strategy. We feature a consultant every other month on the website and share that picture to each social media outlet.

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