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Staffing Firms and Technology In 2012: “Apocalypse Now” or “A Time of Transformation?”

February 15, 2012 - from

In my last post, "Will 2012 Mark the End of "Irrational Ambivalence,' ", I suggested that there might be “no time like the present” for staffing firms to begin taking... More

Staffing Firms and Technology: Will 2012 Mark The End of "Rational Ambivalence?"

February 13, 2012 - from

The emerging attitude of many staffing firms toward technology over the past years seems to have become something I would characterize as "rational ambivalence." Perhaps the... More

Get Social Buzz

February 7, 2012 - from Subadhra Sriram's Blog

Behold the power of social media. Google “social media” and you get 3.29 billion hits.  Facebook filed for its IPO last week — the social networking giant hopes to raise... More

The Executive Forum Comes of Age

February 7, 2012 - from Barry Asin's Blog

Next month we will gather for the 21st Staffing Industry Executive Forum. In June 1992, when the first Executive Forum launched, I was fresh out of business school and newly placed... More

The Game Is On

February 3, 2012 - from

Demand for temporary workers spiked as football fans from all over the country flooded Indianapolis for the big game. Hosting Super Bowl XLVI is a unique opportunity for the city of... More

RPO Scores

February 1, 2012 - from Subadhra Sriram's Blog

The fans are cheering. It’s not exactly a touchdown, but there’s cause for cheer:  recruitment process outsourcing has gone global. For years, the RPO buyer has searched for... More

Pandora’s Box: Misclassification

January 17, 2012 - from Subadhra Sriram's Blog

The IRS looks for it. Employers dread and hate it. And regardless of the different sentiments it arouses, it is not going to go away: Worker misclassification. According to a recent... More

Only Dinosaurs Don't Use Temps

January 3, 2012 - from Subadhra Sriram's Blog

Does your company use contingents? Can it staff a project within 48 hours? Does the company have a temp-to-perm hiring option? Does your management team talk about workforce modeling... More

Finally, A Better Rep

December 20, 2011 - from Subadhra Sriram's Blog

Respect has been hard won for the staffing industry. It’s come a long way from the often derogatory epithet: “temp”.  But it took many years and a recession that brought... More

Do staffing companies spend enough on marketing?

December 15, 2011 - from John Nurthen's Blog

Staffing is a “me too” industry. Staffing companies generally provide the same types of services to the same group of customers – and, in many instances are even supplying the... More