Craig Johnson

Managing Editor, Staffing Publications

Craig Johnson

Craig Johnson is Managing Editor of Staffing Industry Review and Staffing Industry Analysts Daily News. Johnson joined Staffing Industry Analysts in 2006. He has more than 17 years of experience as a journalist.

Recent Articles

Research Report: Better Times, Better Pay

27 October 2011

Total executive compensation rises by median 25 percent.

News: Healthcare Reform: Penalties Could Increase Contingents’ Costs

26 October 2011

Penalties under the federal healthcare reform could increase costs for staffing firms and raise prices for contingent workers starting in 2014.

Who’s Who: The Staffing 100

27 September 2011

In this set of lists, we feature 100 of the most noteworthy people in the staffing industry — from movers and shakers to industry veterans. Thought leaders, women in staffing and CEOs are also listed.

Research Report: Managing Staffing Firms

27 September 2011

Quality business reviews of staffing suppliers are common; carrots are more popular than sticks

Randstad Buying Large U.S. Supplier

10 August 2011

Randstad Holding NV, the world’s third-largest staffing firm announced plans last month to buy SFN Group Inc., the world’s 24th-largest staffing firm, a deal that could expand services offered to clients.

Connect With Candidates

27 July 2011

Online social media opened up a brave new world for recruiters, but don’t forget the traditional methods. Here’s the latest buzz on finding the right workers using a mixture of old and new methods of recruiting.

Life After Ensemble Chimes Global

22 June 2011

The bankruptcy of the world's largest VMS provider in 2008 stunned the staffing industry. Ensemble Chimes Global is history, but VMS usage has grown. Where is VMS usage going and how will it impact staffing firms?

Research Report: Small is Big

22 June 2011

Why pursuing smaller clients equals revenue.

Center Stage

24 May 2011

Experience Counts: Keeping longtime recruiters engaged with clients works for The Medicus Firm.

Research Report: Industry compensation

24 May 2011

New compensation data reveals patterns in industry comp.