Adrianne Nelson

Director, Global Services

Adrianne Nelson

Adrianne Nelson is the Director of Global Services for Staffing Industry Analysts. She has over 20 years of experience in staffing, VMS/MSP management and client services. Adrianne draws on her expertise in contingent workforce and hospitality management to ensure that the entire contingent workforce ecosystem realizes the maximum value from our research. She is a reputed speaker and writer for industry associations and publications. She has held a variety of contingent workforce management roles with domestic and global operations, client services, sales and implementations with MSP, VMS and staffing companies in addition to management roles with Hyatt Hotels. Her expertise includes contingent workforce program implementation, strategy and management.

Recent Articles

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4 November 2015

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14 October 2015

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8 July 2015

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Growing CW usage, big changes in labor market

10 June 2015

With contingent talent on the rise, companies that don’t make an effort to engage non-employee workers will face challenges as the competition for talent grows tougher. 

Tested strategies for contingent workforce engagement

15 May 2015

Contingent worker engagements are varied and complex. Requests, sourcing, selection, onboarding, assignment management, offboarding, payrolling and independent contractors. Do you know what the tested strategies and best practices are when it comes to these critical areas?  

Going global? Do your homework

21 April 2015

Often, programs find themselves needing to expand their footprint globally due to market pressures and not advance planning. Regardless, they need to do their homework before moving forward.

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25 March 2015

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Happy staff make money for you

11 March 2015

Buyers stand to benefit greatly if their provider is a best place to work. Here's why.