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CWS Council membership includes ongoing phone and email advisory support from Staffing Industry Analysts’ experts. We also know that some Council members periodically need more day-to-day, hands on (even on-site) project consulting support. This level of consulting support is typically especially helpful to CWS Council members who are in the midst of, or about to start, a major effort to transform their contingent workforce program.

To ensure that CWS Council members can get this support, when needed, from consultants who understand and can apply the full set of Staffing Industry Analysts’ proprietary tools available to CWS Council members (including the Contingent Workforce Optimization Roadmap), we’ve arranged a partnership with Brightfield Strategies.

Headquartered in New York, Brightfield Strategies is a boutique consultancy comprised of forward-thinking professionals with deep experience in contingent workforce management. We attract top talent, our principle asset, by offering highly capable people the opportunity to craft contingent workforce program improvement strategies independent from the bias of any specific technology or service offering. This objective approach and the breadth and depth of experience represented by Brightfield consultants enables us to quickly demonstrate return on investment.

Brightfield Strategies has partnered with Staffing Industry Analysts to gain exclusive access to the decision-support tools and benchmark data associated with their Contingent Workforce Strategies Council (CWS Council). The resulting combination of Brightfield talent and CWS Council resources gives contingent workforce program owners unparalleled assistance in attaining their goals. Brightfield Strategies has been selected as the exclusive consultancy to assist CWS Council members in traversing the CW Optimization Roadmap.

Brightfield Strategies draws from metrics-driven improvement methodologies, such as Six Sigma, to design right-fit solutions with our clients' goals and final deliverables in mind.

Analysis of ROI-Drivers: Any good strategy must be grounded in a clear definition of success - especially when considering the complex and mission-critical elements involved in contingent workforce management. This comprehensive assessment of stakeholder needs and metrics accurately measures program performance in conjunction with corporate goals and stakeholder expectations.

Analysis of As-Is State: A clear understanding of the As-Is State is a vital component of any improvement plan. It helps separate high-value priorities from more trivial issues that may be getting a disproportional share of resources. This analysis consists of a partial or complete review of contingent workforce program processes, resources, technology, risk, and cost effectiveness.

Design of Desired State: The interdisciplinary nature of contingent workforce management makes it difficult to sketch a solution that accounts for all the moving parts. This analysis consists of a projection of short- or long-term goals and objectives, as well as the program structure, processes, resources, and technology required to achieve the desired state.

Business Case Development: Individuals responsible for the emerging Contingent Workforce Management function must constantly educate and communicate value to executive management. A compelling business case can justify the resources necessary to transform a contingent workforce program and present the subsequent return on investment to executive management.

RFI and RFP Assistance: The proposal process can be timely and costly for all involved. A properly crafted and executed Request For Proposal not only helps to arrive at the best choice in suppliers but also promotes buy-in amongst stakeholders and improves predictability.

Program Charter: With such complexity, it's easy to see how a Contingent Workforce Management program can drift off course without a clearly communicated vision and operational plan. A program charter documents all the contingent workforce-related processes, policies, business rules, and resource commitments necessary to help all key stakeholders achieve their corporate objectives.

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