Recent Updates

Growing CW usage, big changes in labor market

10 June 2015

With contingent talent on the rise, companies that don’t make an effort to engage non-employee workers will face challenges as the competition for talent grows tougher. 

Volvo Group extends program that includes training, temp employment

10 June 2015

Volvo Group will continue a temporary worker training program in Sweden that teaches industrial skills needed in manufacturing to about 400 young people per year. 

OSHA to provide temp worker safety program update

10 June 2015

At an OSHA committee meeting this month, the Temporary Workers Work Group will provide an update and deliver recommendations on workplace protections for temporary workers.

Contract watch: Avaya signs RPO deal

10 June 2015

Telecommunications firm Avaya brought in Futurestep to provide a recruitment process outsourcing program for operations in Europe, the Middle East and Africa as well as Asia Pacific.

Is your supplier selling you the right thing?

10 June 2015

Are your staffing providers actively marketing what you are looking for? Based on our surveys, the answer is no. Editor and Publisher Subadhra R. Sriram explains why you should look beyond it in the Staffing Stream.

Economic roundup: Employment indicators

10 June 2015

A summary of employment and economic statistics as reported by applicable government agencies.

UK – Zero hours exclusivity ban: what does this mean?

4 June 2015

  • Our Staffing Law Updates provide you with information and advice on legal and regulatory changes impacting the world of contingent work.

Compact moves forward, would ease physician licensing across state lines

3 June 2015

The Interstate Medical Licensure Compact Commission is now being established now that more than seven states have enacted the Interstate Medical Licensure Compact into law.

Don’t be an invisible recruiter

3 June 2015

What makes any recruiter successful? What gives you the edge to become part of the elite? 

Don’t oversurvey stakeholders: Establish relevance

3 June 2015

Surveying stakeholders for program service satisfaction and talent quality measures  is a critical step for many reasons, but how does a program manager execute a survey regimen that will be relevant and drive change?