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Financial Results Calendar Q3 2015

14 October 2015

  • See a complete list of financial results across the staffing industry so far in 2015
  • Find out how your competitors or suppliers fared
  • See dates for future financial results releases
  • All events listed are covered in the Daily News 

The customer is not always right: Listen when your supplier says 'no'

14 October 2015

Is the customer really always right? In this instance, the customer I am referencing is you — the buyer of staffing services. And the answer is no.

Careful what you promise your temp

14 October 2015

Contingent workforce professionals are now a mainstay of most companies, and their experience at those companies can having lasting effects. How are they treated at your company?

Total talent management needed to reap full benefit of workforce planning

14 October 2015

This week, we asked a procurement professional how important the concept of total talent management will be going forward.

Groups work to improve employment conditions in Mexico

14 October 2015

The Mexican Association of Human Capital Companies (AMECH) and the Mexican Secretariat of Labour and Social Security (STPS) are joining efforts to develop a certification or license of fair recruitment practices, a procedure that will improve the quality of employment in Mexico, writes Martín Padulla,... More

Buyers still less than satisfied with their staffing providers

14 October 2015

Staffing firms improved in the eyes of buyers this year, but are still in the red when it comes to satisfaction.

2015 Staffing Company Survey: Perception of gender advantage/disadvantage among staffing executives

12 October 2015

  • Gender advantage/disadvantage in working world and staffing industry examined
  • Most staffing execs--both male and female--see no particular bias
  • Responses from staffing execs in North America, Europe, and Australia/NZ

2015 Europe Staffing Company Survey: Initial Findings

8 October 2015

  • 76 unique staffing firms share their opinions
  • Benchmark measures, assignment lengths, RFP metrics
  • Outsourcing and social media use
  • Tenure discounts, operational structure, resume submittals/interviews

Why ‘de facto employment’ matters to a growing CW management program

7 October 2015

When successful contingent workforce (CW) management programs grow beyond their initial borders, understanding the risk of “de facto employment” is as critical as understanding the language differences and business culture of the new global markets you are expanding into. 

‘The biggest challenge, period, is adoption’

7 October 2015

Contingent workforce managers face their share of challenges in getting the job done. For the topic of the week, we asked “what is the single biggest challenge facing CW managers?”