Recent Updates

IC: Feds release interpretation of guidelines

22 July 2015

A new interpretation of how the definition of “employee” guides the determination of employee or contractor status may lead to intensified misclassification enforcement actions.

Kentucky joins feds’ misclassification fight

22 July 2015

Kentucky became the 23rd state to sign a memorandum of understanding with the US Department of Labor to crack down on misclassification of employees as independent contractors.

Temps reveal what they prefer to be called, and it varies by pay.

22 July 2015

In our latest Temporary Worker Survey for North America, we asked temporary workers what they preferred to be called. 

Successful launch? Be prepared for change right out of the gate

15 July 2015

You have launched your program. But if you think you'll have a chance to rest after all your hard work and preparation, think again. Change is constant, and you'll be asked for it sooner than you think.

Supplier selection: Buyers shift focus to worker quality over costs, risk

15 July 2015

The improved economy and employment numbers point to an increasing battle over skilled talent, leading even procurement professionals to rate quality over cost and risk factors as the most important when selecting a supplier.

Delivery group wins independent contractor case, beats state law

15 July 2015

The Massachusetts Delivery Association won the right to use independent contractors when a judge ruled federal law preempts the state’s independent contractor law.

NLRB invites input on temporary employee unionization issue

15 July 2015

The National Labor Relations Board last week invited interested parties to file briefs regarding whether it should permit bargaining units comprised of both regular employees and temporary workers provided by a staffing agency to form without employer approval.

Contingent labor buyer faces $116K fines for risks

15 July 2015

A refrigeration company, faces fines of more than $100,000 for safety violations that put its temporary and regular workers at risk of serious injury or death.

California lawmakers propose misclassification amnesty program for drayage employers

15 July 2015

The California Assembly has passed a bill that would relieve port drayage companies from worker misclassification liabilities if they enter into a settlement agreement with the state before 2017, CCJ Commercial Carrier Journal reports. The bill has been referred to the Senate Appropriations Committee. ... More

European Staffing Industry Stock Index: First Half of 2015 Analysis

13 July 2015

  • Euro SISI gained 24% in the first half of 2015
  • Beat FTSE Euro Mid (+8.8%) and US SISI (+13%)
  • Euro Staffing Tech index gained 56%