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SIA research: A global MSP overview

11 March 2015

The global legal landscape is complex, which inevitably makes buyers cautious about rolling out an MSP internationally. However, by structuring programs the right way and taking legal considerations into account, program managers should be able to expand into any country they wish. Learn how in... More

Demand for ICT professionals up in Australia as business confidence rises

10 March 2015

The jobs outlook in Australia for information and communications technology professionals is strengthening, according to a Peoplebank index.

Global Contingent Market Estimate

10 March 2015

This insight provides an estimate of the size of the contingent market broken down by:

  • Temporaries/Temporary Agency Workers (TAW)
  • Other Temporaries
  • Independent Contractors
  • Statement of Work (SOW) Consultants

The Middleman MSP: A Global Overview

5 March 2015

  • Review of MSP structures in 20 staffing markets
  • While there are certainly legal considerations to take into account, by structuring programmes in the correct way, they should not prevent programme managers from expanding programmes into any country they wish.
  • There is no one-size-fits-all MSP... More

Save your company money every time you book a hotel — Promoted

4 March 2015

Travelers Haven announced Hotel Engine for Business reduced average hotel spend for clients by 23%.

Employee ‘churn’ in healthcare industry recovers and then some

4 March 2015

The number of quits in the Healthcare and Social Assistance sector are at the highest level since the government began measuring it in 2001.

AMN revenue rises in Q4 led by nurse and allied

4 March 2015

AMN Healthcare Services Inc. (NYSE: AHS), the largest US healthcare staffing firm, reported fourth-quarter revenue rose 12.5%.

Accountable completes equity raise, plans acquisitions

4 March 2015

Healthcare staffing firm Accountable Healthcare Holdings Corp. completed its fifth round equity raise. 

Healthcare jobs grew faster in ACA expansion states, Fitch says

4 March 2015

States that expanded health insurance access under the ACA saw faster growth in healthcare jobs than those that did not.

Aequor Healthcare acquires Therapy Staff

4 March 2015

Aequor Healthcare Services acquired Therapy Staff in a deal that closed Feb. 13.