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UK Professional Recruitment Trends October/ November 2015

23 November 2015

This report provides the latest insights on the UK professional recruitment market, including:

  • Hiring trends for both permanent employees and temporary staff
  • Salary trends by sector
  • A labour market profile focusing  on a specific skill segment; Marketing and Media is covered this... More

Buyers’ International Presence

20 November 2015

  • Great majority of buyers in our survey have CW programs that cover North America
  • One third reported covering Western Europe, one fourth reported covering Asia/Pacific
  • Many expect to expand geographically within 2-4 years

VMS/MSP Landscape 2015: The State of the Industry - November 2015

19 November 2015

  • Watch the full webinar on demand
  • Learn how your company can adapt to the changing provider environment
  • Duration approximately 1 hour

Internal Resources Used for CW Management

18 November 2015

  • Median CW management team size was five
  • Team size positively correlated with organization size
  • Time spent on CW responsibilities correlated with organization size

Mapping the Total Talent Management Continuum

17 November 2015

  • Identifies the core facets of Total Talent Management
  • Covers permanent and contingent workforces
  • Offers tools to map your organisation's maturity

Citation - UK Skills Shortage & Intentions for 2016

17 November 2015

A research report from the CIPD provides a set of forward-looking labour market indicators, highlighting employers’recruitment, redundancy and pay intentions.

International Laws’ Effects on Temp Use

16 November 2015

  • Seven laws caused a net decrease in use of temporary agency workers
  • Proposed amendments to the Japanese Dispatch Law caused no net change

UK Legal Update Q3 2015

16 November 2015

In this report we round up the legal developments making headlines in the United Kingdom in Q3 2015 including:

  • Case law on AWR and caste discrimination
  • Government consultations on IR35; intermediaries and travel and subsistence expenses; reform of the Conduct Regulations; tackling exploitation... More

2015 List of Companies Looking to Acquire Staffing Firms

11 November 2015

We asked staffing firms about their intention to acquire new companies and their top three preferences for acquisition targets in terms of industry segment and geography.

This year, six firms reported Europe as one of their top three choices of geography. 

2015 Global Oil & Gas Market Report

11 November 2015

  • Estimate for the size of the global market, broken down by region
  • Top 10 ranking based on market share
  • Statistics on Oil & Gas production by country
  • Commentary on current industry trends and M&A activity