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Europe: Global Differences in Education

21 September 2011

As all developed economies compete for workers, it is clear from a new report that some countries are better positioned than others to prosper.

Blog: What’s In a Name?

21 September 2011

When it comes to contingent workers, a lot, writes Editorial Director Subadhra Sriram in the Contingent Blog. One contingent worker might consider him- or herself an independent contractor and another a statement of work (SOW) consultant. Read why those differences should matter... More

Western Europe Onwards and Upwards

20 September 2011

  • Are Independent Contractors part of your European Contingent Workforce Programme? Then this webinar is for you.
  • Watch the full webinar on demand
  • Duration: approximately 1 hour

Independent Contractors

20 September 2011

  • The country with the highest proportion of Indepedent Contractors
  • The sector with the highest number of Idependent Contractors
  • Our survey of buyers future plans for Independent Contractors

News: Contingents May Be Cheaper to Hire

14 September 2011

President Obama’s jobs bill may just save users of contingent workers money. Here’s how.

Europe: Repercussions of Contractor Pay Disclosure

14 September 2011

At the end of August, a staffing company in the U.K. accidentally revealed the pay rates of 3,000 contractors working for one of its largest clients, causing more than a few ripples.

Council Research: Forecast Update

14 September 2011

Imagine if you could predict the future. In any market, everyone is watching for the next big trend. This is also true of the contingent workforce world. Our forecast can help you do just that.

Blog: What Are You But Your Reputation?

14 September 2011

It can take just one disgruntled worker tweeting about your company to create a PR nightmare, Editorial Director Subadhra R. Sriram writes in the Contingent Blog.

Largest Staffing Firms in Poland

8 September 2011

  • Randstad tops the ranking, Adecco, ManpowerGroup and Trenkwalder are also in the Top 5. Work Service ranked 2nd and is by far the leading Polish firm.
  • The placement of blue collar workers accounts for 90% of the market in terms of revenue.
  • Staffing companies in Poland generate approximately... More

UK Monthly Hiring Trends July/Aug 2011

7 September 2011

  • Apsco data shows placements and vacancies easing back Y/Y
  • Innovantage Heat Map shows perm and temporary cool
  • Gross Margins were up very slightly and the economy is mixed