Recent Updates

Around the Web: Global Hiring; Low-Skilled Falling Behind

8 February 2012

Have a local presence when hiring at a distant location; Low-skilled workers being left behind.

2011 Contingent Buyers Survey: Initial European Findings

6 February 2012

  • First full contingent buyers survey for Europe
  • Full questions and summary answers
  • More detailed reports on this data to follow

By the Numbers

2 February 2012

  • Seventy-six percent of staffing firms will increase recruiting staff in 2012.
  • Mid-range pay for staffing industry recruiters by skill specialty.
  • Thirty-one percent of U.S. information technology staffing firms use India-based recruiters.

Power Seller

2 February 2012

Metrics to track: Why the fill ratio is a key measure of performance.

Expert’s Corner

2 February 2012

Calling the shots: Why mandating specific metrics can be bad for business.

Center Stage

2 February 2012

Laser focus: The Jacobson Group specializes in the insurance industry and recently introduced a standalone RPO.

The Wild Wild East

1 February 2012

We take a look at the unorganized but growing staffing industry in India. A new lobbying body is soon to be announced; plus an interview with the CEO of a 5,000-strong IT staffing and solutions firm.

Command a High Valuation

1 February 2012

Everything you do is for one sole purpose: to increase your firm’s value. Here are some key variables that directly affect that — and how to improve them.

Hiring Hub

1 February 2012

Centralizing the recruiting process is becoming a more common trend in the staffing industry. Who’s doing it and why?

Destination RPO

1 February 2012

Recruitment process outsourcing is an appealing option for staffing firms. Here’s what you need to know before jumping in.