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Connect With Candidates

27 July 2011

Online social media opened up a brave new world for recruiters, but don’t forget the traditional methods. Here’s the latest buzz on finding the right workers using a mixture of old and new methods of recruiting.

Power Seller

27 July 2011

Prima Donnas No More: Getting your sales stars to work as part of a team

Research Report: A Great Deal

27 July 2011

Why using temps gives buyers flexibility and savings.

Straight Talk from the Customer

27 July 2011

Stand Out: Be honest about what you can —and can’t — deliver.

You Ask, We Answer

27 July 2011

Gross margin movement

Ask the Procurement Guy: Setting Performance Goals

27 July 2011

A reader wonders which criteria should be focused on when setting performance goals for a CW program. Bryan Peña, The Procurement Guy, responds. Hint: It’s not all about savings.

Heard on the Street: Linking Bonus to CW Results

27 July 2011

Because labor is a major component of cost for many companies, that becomes an outcome a CW group might be measured on. As a result, some companies are beginning to tie bonuses to such metrics.

Behind the News: Europe: Why Staffing Association Membership Matters

27 July 2011

There are a number of associations throughout the world that represent staffing firms. Their efforts on behalf of their membership can have significant effects on companies that use staffing services.

Because You Asked: IC: The Pandora’s Box

27 July 2011

Delving into whether your independent contractors are properly classified can be likened to opening Pandora’s Box, but it’s one that’s necessary to open.

Feature: An Inside Look at the Emerging Role of Program Managers

13 July 2011

One minute they’re helping a befuddled supervisor hone a complex requisition, the next they’re spearheading a multi-million dollar staffing RFP. These new contingent workforce program managers are blazing the trail.