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Heard on the Street: Get That Buy-In

29 June 2011

You need to appeal to more than just the C-suite when implementing a vendor management system or a managed service provider for your contingent workforce program.

Because You Asked: Minimum Wage in Europe

29 June 2011

Minimum wage levels vary within Europe just as they do in the United States. The concept of a minimum threshold for wages is widely accepted in Europe, even among many conservatives. Read why constant monitoring has to be a way of life for those managing a global contingent program.

Behind the News: H-1B Saga Continues

29 June 2011

Last year, an internal U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement memo effectively prohibited staffing firms from bringing in H-1B visa holders. U.S. Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) recently weighed in on the side of staffing firms in the ongoing saga.

A Look at the German Temporary Workforce Environment

28 June 2011

  • Evaluation and overview of German temp market
  • Analysis of EU Directives effect on German market pricing
  • Importance of collective bargaining

Western Europe Legs & Regs - June 2011

27 June 2011

  • Read our latest legal update in association with the Ius Laboris Global Network
  • Date this month from Belgium and the United Kingdom

UK Monthly Hiring Trends May/Jun 2011

24 June 2011

  • Apsco data shows vacancies up 16%
  • Innovantage Heat Map shows perm warm and temporary mixed
  • Gross Margins up in Q1 and the economy middling

By the Numbers

22 June 2011

  • Percent of large buyers using a vendor for independent contractor compliance currently and over the next two years: 75%
  • On the rebound: Clinical scientific temp revenue to grow
  • Largest engineering temp staffing markets

Expert's Corner

22 June 2011

Is Giving Raises Enough? Company culture drives satisfaction with pay

Center Stage

22 June 2011

It's in the Niches: An entrepreneurial culture helps grow this firm

Life After Ensemble Chimes Global

22 June 2011

The bankruptcy of the world's largest VMS provider in 2008 stunned the staffing industry. Ensemble Chimes Global is history, but VMS usage has grown. Where is VMS usage going and how will it impact staffing firms?