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Suppliers to Watch Out for

25 July 2012

To find the right candidate, you first need to have the right supplier. Knowing where to look, though, can be daunting. Lists compiled by Staffing Industry Analysts help you find the right firm for your needs.

Temp Bill Rate Index Shows Subtle Upward Trend

25 July 2012

According to an index that tracks to the progress of temporary bill rates, the cost of staffing services is on the rise.

What’s in a Name? A lot.

25 July 2012

In William Shakespeare’s best-known play, Juliet asks, “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” When it comes to worker classifications, though, labels do matter, writes Ben Walker, director of professional services at Brightfield Strategies, in The... More

Skills Shortage? “Re-Skill” Workers

25 July 2012

With many companies stating they are having a difficult time finding candidates with the right skills, Harvard Business Review’s Matt Ferguson writes about some that respond by retraining workers.

CWS Risk Forum and CWS Summit

23 July 2012

Where do you find the tools and most pertinent information you need to manage a successful ecosystem? At the 2012 Contingent Workforce Risk Forum and Contingent Workforce Strategies Summit. Get a 360-degree perspective on managing a contingent workforce with an emphasis on mitigating risk.

Largest Staffing Firms in Ireland 2011

19 July 2012

  • Provides data on the size of the Irish Market
  • Understand how much it has grown
  • See who are the largest twenty firms

Who Owns the Contingent Workforce? Procurement, HR or both? - July 2012

19 July 2012

  • Watch the full webinar on demand
  • Who should own the contingent workforce - Procurement or HR?
  • Approximately 1 hr

Pulling Out All the Stops to Find Difficult Skills

18 July 2012

Even as the national unemployment rate hovers around 8 percent, companies are struggling to find contract software developers and engineers. Here’s what some are doing about it.

Open the Doors to a Consultative Approach

18 July 2012

With more companies embracing flexible workforce models and becoming increasingly sophisticated, the procurement process has become very complex. Are you open to having a consultative relationship with your staffing supplier?  

Contract Watch: RPO Deals

18 July 2012

Recruitment process outsourcing is becoming more prevalent as companies realize the benefits to their bottom line. Here are two recently announced deals.