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Perspective: Outsource Your MSP?

12 October 2011

Rather than debating MSPs' worth, CW program managers are debating whether to keep program management in-house or to outsource it. There's much to consider. Here are some pros and cons of outsourcing to an MSP.

Legal Eagle: Who’s Responsible for IC’s Workers’ Safety?

12 October 2011

When an employee of an independent contractor got injured on the job, the IC’s workers’ comp sued the company that hired the IC. That suit made its way to the California Supreme Court. Here's what the court had to say.

Europe: Turning Point in Pay Moderation

12 October 2011

New research shows that collective pay agreements in many European countries resulted in lower pay increases in 2010 than 2009. Further, inflation caused pay in real terms to grow even slower.

Blog: A Misclassification Moment with the IRS

12 October 2011

Editorial Director Subadhra R. Sriram sat down with three IRS representatives last week to talk about one of the hottest topics of the event: misclassification. What she learned may surprise you.

The Largest Staffing Firms in Sweden 2010

5 October 2011

  • ManpowerGroup leads with 21% of market share.
  • A highly consolidated market: the Top 5 firms owning over half of the market.
  • The fastest growing staffing company is owned by the Swedish state.

News: Beware of IRS Bearing Gifts

5 October 2011

The IRS recently introduced a “Voluntary Classification Settlement Program” aiming to allow companies to voluntarily reclassify independent contractors as employees and face only limited tax liability. Attorneys advise caution, however.

Europe: Profound Changes Hit U.K. Staffing Market

5 October 2011

U.K. employers and staffing companies brace themselves for the impact of the Agency Workers Regulations, which came into effect on Oct. 1.

Perspective: Implementing a VMS with Supplier Help

5 October 2011

Converting a contingent workforce process into a vendor management system (VMS) is no small task. Neither is managing a significant change initiative. With appropriate systems, open-minded and committed customer partnerships, and consistent communication, both can be done well.

Blog: The Age of Man

5 October 2011

Contrary to conventional wisdom and cynics, workers don’t just care about money, blogs Editorial Director Subadhra R. Sriram. They want interesting, challenging projects. ManpowerGroup Inc. CEO Jeff Joerres revealed in a recent conversation that he is betting on the same principle. Read more in... More

White Paper Supplement

1 October 2011

  • Managing Workers’ Compensation Expense in a High Medical Inflation Environment - People 2.0
  • Loss Control - RCS
  • What happens if I am not offered a renewal? - Risk Transfer