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Feature: How to Manage the Risk and Cost of Contingent Background Screening

24 August 2011

Employee theft and fraud cost U.S. businesses $50 billion a year and a staggering 18 percent of violent crime is workplace-related, but just 35 percent of companies require background checks on contingent workers. Proceed with caution, though, in developing your screening program.

Best of the Web: H-1B Visa Woes ... Again

24 August 2011

The H-1B visa program has always had its fair share of critics. But recently, misfortune has been dogging it.

Europe: UK Temp Tax Turmoil

24 August 2011

You would think that in a mature staffing market taxes charged for temporary staffing would be well-established and transparent. Unfortunately, this is far from the case in the U.K.

2011 List of Largest European Engineering Services Firms

22 August 2011

  • Compliments the 2011 List of Largest Global Engineering Services Firms with a more detailed focus on the European market.
  • A list of ten largest European headquartered providers of engineering services  ranked by revenue.

7 Effective Tips to Launch a Successful Global Program

17 August 2011

Your contingent workforce program might be a success in the United States, but if you want to expand it to other geographies, you’ll need to do some extra work.

It’s Okay to Talk to Temps about Pay

17 August 2011

According to a recent court ruling, staffing firms cannot prohibit contingent workers from disclosing their pay.

Europe: Corrections, Confusion and Contradictions

17 August 2011

Between dealing with media scandals and combating riots, the U.K. government has found some time to tie up a few loose ends in the Agency Workers Regulations (AWR), due to come into effect Oct. 1.

Largest Staffing Firms UK 2010

16 August 2011

  • In 2010 the UK staffing industry saw a strong recovery from the disastrous 2009.
  • Market consolidation is a key trend in the market.
  • Adecco has taken the top spot from Hays after the acquisition of Spring and MPS.

“You Cannot Manage What You Cannot Measure”

10 August 2011

Metrics have been employed in the business world since the advent of the factory, but only recently have human resources professionals begun to realize that metrics can help them do their jobs better as well.

Heard on the Street: Delineating Core, Noncore Functions

10 August 2011

Analyzing what functions are core and what are not — and therefore are more suited to contingent worker usage — is a process all organizations should undergo.