Recent Updates

Regulatory Drivers of TTM

16 December 2015

  • Examines the regulatory drivers that may accelerate the development of Total Talent Management
  • The drive for increasing corporate reporting requirements around human capital
  • Current legislative requirements around human capital

Europe Contingent Buyers Survey: 2015 Full Report

14 December 2015

  • 196-page compilation of 2013-2015 buyer survey reports

Europe Staffing Company Survey: Social media use, metrics, & preferred venues

6 December 2015

  • Social media generally of just moderate value to staffing firms
  • One in five track no social media metrics at all
  • Staffing firms mostly use social media for recruiting, less so sales

Perceived Cost Savings from Using CW

4 December 2015

  • Median perceived cost savings of 9% by using contingent workers

Why Some Buyers Don’t Use VMS and MSP

3 December 2015

  • Most common reason for not using VMS was that it was already being explored
  • Second most common reason was cost
  • Reasons for not using MSP included cost and insufficient volume

Global Clinical/Scientific Staffing Market Report: December 2015

2 December 2015

  • Estimate for the size of the Global market, broken down by region
  • Top 20 firms ranking based on market share
  • Global market overview with regional insights 

IT Staffing Growth Assessment: November 2015

30 November 2015

  • We estimate the scale of the global IT staffing market in 2013 was $57.2 billion. North America is the largest regional market, with a 26.2% global share, ahead of second-largest Europe, at 17.7%.
  • In our 2015 Global Contingent Buyers Survey, data/data science was the most frequently... More

How Buyers Gather Supplier Feedback

30 November 2015

  • 73% collected supplier feedback
  • Cadence was usually quarterly, semiannually or annually
  • Most common form of feedback was surveys/questionnaires/emails

A Look at the Contingent Workforce Environment in Italy

25 November 2015

This report is one of a series of reports in which we take a look at the contingent workforce environment in staffing markets around the world.

We give a comprehensive overview of the legislative and regulatory environment affecting contingent workforce buyers and staffing suppliers operating in Italy... More

Buyers’ Staffing Supplier Sourcing Models

24 November 2015

  • Most common vendor bidding model was primaries, at 57%
  • Rate structures: Fixed rates per job title, max bill rates and pay range plus mark-up all selected by over 48%
  • Only 26% reported using open bill rates