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Welcome to CWS 3.0

4 January 2012

Welcome to CWS 3.0, a new name for a new year. We strive to continue to provide cutting-edge content in this fast-changing world. This publication will keep you informed and help you stay ahead of your competition. Stay Tuned.

By the Numbers

27 December 2011

  • Buyers rank least expensive type of contingent labor and which has highest quality
  • What are buyers plans with respect to use of agency temps
  • Percentage of buyers have programs to encourage use of diversity suppliers

Power Seller

27 December 2011

Winning the deal: Why complex products require a specialized approach and time.

Expert’s Corner

27 December 2011

Participation pays: Why responding to survey requests can boost your bottom line.

Short-Term Hiccups, Long-Term Growth

27 December 2011

Four trends that will disrupt the way the staffing industry does business.

Happy Clients = $$$

27 December 2011

The Epitec Group takes its commitment to customers seriously. What the Southfield, Mich.-based information technology staffing firm does to keep clients happy.

With This Ring, I Thee …

27 December 2011

Tips to make sure your relationship with customers is successful and long-lasting.

Across the Border: Interview

27 December 2011

The founding member of the Mexican staffing association reveals surprising facts about the Mexican staffing market in this interview.

Across the Border: Snapshot

27 December 2011

Here’s a snapshot of the Mexican staffing market. It’s growing and has huge short-term potential.

Research Report: Quality matters

27 December 2011

A recent survey reveals what’s most important to buyers.