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Blog: Why We Are Bullish on IT

18 July 2012

Continual innovation and advancement in various technologies have led to ever-increasing numbers of IT professionals needed to sustain, develop and support new creations, which in turn has propelled huge demand for contingent IT talent. There are a host of options out there, writes Editorial Director... More

Contingent Overcompliance?

18 July 2012

Are companies being overly cautious with respect to their contingent workforce compliance efforts? 

Why Options and Goals Must Be Defined

18 July 2012

Everyone likes to be given options when assigned tasks, but sometimes managers err when they don’t give clear enough goals, writes Ron Ashkenas for the Harvard Business Review. 

Spotlight on the Rising SOW Spend

11 July 2012

As spend on statement of work arrangements continues to grow, companies need to understand why that is in order to determine whether folding SOW into their program is the right move.

Healthcare Reform Ruling Paves Way for Employer Penalties

11 July 2012

Now that the U.S. Supreme Court has upheld the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, employers must now assess how the law will affect the contingent workforce — especially the penalties they may face if their contingents aren’t covered.

Take Control of Your RFP Presentations

11 July 2012

Why it’s important to set the stage yourself when preparing for the vendor presentation phase of a RFP process.

Medicinal Marijuana Law Protects Workers

11 July 2012

Connecticut becomes the 17th state to legalize the use of marijuana for medical purposes, but goes further than most by protecting legitimate users from adverse employment action by employers in the state.

Quality Starts Before the Hire

11 July 2012

Ensuring quality and high performance in business begins with the company’s commitment and discipline in the selection and onboarding of people, writes Richard Haviland, a contributor to He outlines six processes companies should focus on here

Ensure Supervisors Comply with Overtime Rules

11 July 2012

Supervisors may be tempted to look the other way when their staff work unpaid overtime. Reminding them that they can be sued personally, though, can bring them in line. Read more from Business Management Daily here.

Largest Global Staffing Firms 2012

9 July 2012

  • Find out who tops the world ranks
  • Where your firm is compared to your competition
  • See newly listed firms from Japan, China and Australia