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Legal Eagle: Staffing Firm Settles Interview Time Pay Suit

26 October 2011

A staffing provider settled a California lawsuit that sought pay for time contingents spent interviewing with the firm’s clients. Other staffing providers face similar lawsuits.

WE Legs & Regs Advisor – October 2011

25 October 2011

  • Read our latest legal update in association with the Ius Laboris Global Network
  • Information this month from Belgium and Italy

Q2 Financial Results For European Listed Staffing Firms 2011

24 October 2011

  • Turnover up 15.4% from Q2 2010/2011
  • Net Income up 44.7%
  • Gross Profits flat

Power Seller

19 October 2011

Measure Your Deal Potential: How opportunity scorecards help you close the deal

Legal Eagle: California Targets “Wilful” IC Misclassification

19 October 2011

A new California law prohibits companies from wilfully misclassifying individuals as independent contractors and penalizes companies that do so.

Global: Gender Equality in the Board Room

19 October 2011

One of the hottest management topics in Europe this year has been the scarcity of women on European companies’ boards of management. The EU aims to do something about that.

Blog: CW Managers Come of Age

19 October 2011

Contingent workforce management has come a long way from the days when it was an emerging field. The pioneers of yesteryears are today’s managers on the cutting edge of the workforce of the future, writes Editorial Director Subadhra R. Sriram in the Contingent Blog.

News: Stock Performance Hints at Recession

19 October 2011

The worsening economic outlook continues to put downward pressure on the stocks of staffing suppliers.

Top 30 Largest Staffing Firms in Norway 2010

17 October 2011

  • Norway is the largest Scandinavian staffing market in terms of revenue.
  • Manpower and Adecco lead the Top 30 with a combined market share of 35%.
  • Some of the fastest growing firms are operating in Scandinavian niche segments.

Most Attractive Staffing Markets Globally

12 October 2011

To find the most attractive staffing markets to expand into continue reading….