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Managing the Risks of Contingent Labor on the Global Stage

5 December 2012

Eric S. Williams, senior director, global product lead for KellyOCG’s Services Procurement Solutions, shares the most common consequences of being ill-equipped to manage contingent labor on the global stage in The Staffing Stream.

Mobilizing the Disabled

5 December 2012

A niche staffing firm helps connect disabled workers with jobs — and federal contractors meet minimum staffing levels proposed by the Department of Labor.

Adapting to an Aging Workforce

5 December 2012

As the workforce gets older, companies must adapt their best practices and policies, as well as their attitudes, write David Bloom and David Canning in the Harvard Business Review’s HBR Blog Network.

Monthly UK Hiring Trends Oct/Nov 2012

4 December 2012

  • The latest trends in professional recruitment for the UK: sectors, regions, salaries.
  • Online jobs trends.
  • Annual review of 2012.

News Report November 2012

3 December 2012

  • Gain an insight into what happened in the staffing industry last month
  • Keep up to date with the latest company news, market trends and employment data
  • Browse news by country or region 

An Attorney’s View: Get It Write

28 November 2012

Everybody loves a good lawyer joke, but nobody’s laughing when a poorly crafted contract causes problems.

Background Screening Adds to Misclassification Risk?

28 November 2012

Background screening, already a potential minefield for contingent workforce programs in the U.S., add even more risk — including that of misclassification — on the international stage.

Walmart: Black Friday Successful Despite Protests

28 November 2012

Walmart reported its post-Thanksgiving “Black Friday” events were a success despite labor action by some in-store workers and contingent workers employed at warehouses serving the retail giant. 

Tis the Season for Higher Margins

28 November 2012

Buyers of staffing services are not going to be finding bargains this season; a shortage of certain skills sets spells higher bill rates from staffing suppliers, writes Subadhra R. Sriram in The Contingent Blog

Blog: VMS Class Warfare

28 November 2012

Vendor management systems promote a culture of second-class of citizens, contends James Downs, owner of The Downs Group, in The Staffing Stream. Read what he has to say here.