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Union: Foreign Mine Workers a Danger

24 October 2012

A Canadian trade union alleges that an influx of temporary foreign workers from China into British Columbia’s mining sector is taking jobs from Canadian workers and making the mines more dangerous, OHS magazine reports.

2011 Contingent Buyer Survey: Trends in VMS and MSP Usage

23 October 2012

  • See how many buyers use VMS & MSP
  • How this compares with North America
  • How this is set to change in the next two years

2012 Contingent Buyers Survey: What conferences do contingent workforce managers attend?

22 October 2012

  • See which conferences our buyers attend
  • How this compares to North America
  • and what they get from them

2012 Contingent Buyers Survey: Online staffing services

22 October 2012

  • See how many respondents use online staffing services
  • How many are familiar with these services
  • and how many are consider them in the next two years

By the Numbers

19 October 2012

  • Computer sales have been booming for a quarter century, but the people who maintain and develop them are in ever short supply...
  • Average IT unemployment rate
  • Cumulative employment growth in IT vs. cumulative growth in total employment


19 October 2012

Perspective: Profits for You

Power Seller

19 October 2012

Power Seller: Stop Selling, Start Telling

Expert’s Corner

19 October 2012

Expert’s Corner: Bottom Up, Not Top Down

Greased Lightning

19 October 2012

Information technology staffing firms dominated the 2012 list of fastest-growing staffing firms. We spoke to a few of the fastest-growing IT staffing firms to find out what they are doing.

My Friend, the MSP

19 October 2012

Creative Solutions Services (CSS) has achieved success by servicing the high-volume, low-margin MSP accounts. Read how the CSS team operates and what accounts for its success.