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Why HR Should Own the CW Program

3 October 2012

Whether HR or procurement should own the contingent workforce program has been hotly debated. On The Staffing Stream, Tom Tisdale, senior vice president of sales at Peoplefluent, states his case as to why HR should be deeply involved. 

Improve the Onboarding Experience

3 October 2012

Are you and your staffing provider doing all you can to ensure a successful onboarding experience for your contingents? Read about one temp’s experience in Staffing Industry Review, sister publication to Contingent Workforce Strategies 3.0

Microsoft Pitches a $10,000 H-1B Visa

3 October 2012

Microsoft is proposing that Congress add 20,000 H-1B visas and the same number of STEM visa green cards in a fee-based plan that would fund STEM education, according to a report by ComputerWorld. Read more here.

UK Pension Plan Law Creates New Risks for Employers

3 October 2012

We have previously covered the details and implications of the U.K. Pensions Act, which went into effect Monday, but a new issue has been brought to light that potentially exposes employers to an increased risk of fines and criminal sanctions.

News Report September 2012

28 September 2012

  • Gain an insight into what happened in the staffing industry last month
  • Keep up to date with the latest company news, market trends and employment data
  • Browse news by country 

By the Numbers

27 September 2012

  • World’s five highest paid staffing execs at public firms.
  • When do staffing firms hire top execs?
  • Where do staffing employees come from?

The Other Side

27 September 2012

Onerous Onboarding: How to ensure a better contingent experience

Power Seller

27 September 2012

The Other R&D The path to great sales success

Expert’s Corner

27 September 2012

How Can I Help You? What customer service really means

Master Strategists

27 September 2012

We examine a few of the world’s most well-known leaders. Here’s what staffing industry executives can learn from them and apply to their businesses.