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Blog: Why Services Procurement Strikes a Chord (Tra la la la la)

30 November 2011

Suppliers and customers are all raving about services procurement. But here’s the catch: It means different things to different people, so Editorial Director Subadhra Sriram decided to understand what the term meant. After chatting with various industry folks, she wrote what she learned in the Contingent... More

By the Numbers

28 November 2011

  • Who Hires When: Sharpest seasonal hiring spikes, by industry
  • Industries with the highest need for seasonal labor
  • Most seasonal temp segment

Expert’s Corner

28 November 2011

Expert’s Corner: A professional image

Recast the Mold

28 November 2011

Revamp your budgeting process and create a stronger value proposition for your firm.

Above the Crowd

28 November 2011

Slow economy or not, a number of staffing firms still boasted substantial growth rates. Staffing Industry Analysts’ 2011 list of fastest-growing staffing firms includes 42 such firms. But what are some trends among this breed?

The Price May Be Right

28 November 2011

The number of staffing industry mergers & acquisitions shrank with the recession. Buyers are now back, but whether this is a good time to sell depends on the specific deal.

People First

28 November 2011

ManpowerGroup Inc. CEO Jeffrey A. Joerres discusses why he coined the “Human Age” concept, its impact and where he sees his company and the staffing industry headed.

Power Seller

28 November 2011

Power Seller: Preposition power

Research Report: Direct Hire Picks Up Steam

28 November 2011

Volatile sector coming back strong.

Straight Talk from the Customer

28 November 2011

Straight Talk from the Customer: Help us help you.