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Top 30 Staffing Firms in Scandinavia 2010

10 November 2011

  • As a region, the combined countries of Scandinavia would be the fifth largest European staffing market in 2010.
  • ManpowerGroup and Adecco dominate this region, jointly controlling a quarter of the market.
  • The main driver for growth in the region has been the recovery of the Swedish car manufacturing... More

Finland Data Sources

9 November 2011

Links to tell you about the market in Finland…

Employment Law: Outsourcing and Offshoring

9 November 2011

Outsourcing and offshoring work are important ways for businesses to increase efficiency and reduce costs. Using such models does not remove the need for companies to adhere to U.S. and state laws, however. 

Deal Watch: New and renewed HCM deals

9 November 2011

Beginning with this issue, CWS 30 will periodically list some of the current human capital deals as well as a renewal of existing contracts in order to help CW managers map the staffing landscape. Signing or renewing contracts in this issue: The Boeing Company, BAE Systems Inc., the New Jersey School... More

Best of the Web: Massachusetts Workers Urge Change in IC Law

9 November 2011

Self-employed workers told Massachusetts lawmakers last week that the state’s independent contractor law, enacted in 2004, prevents them from getting work in an already tough economy and urged them to change the law, the Boston Herald reported.

Blog: The Dangers of Pricing Pressures

9 November 2011

The recent downgrade of Koosharem Corp., which does business as Select Staffing, is something of a wake-up call to staffing providers and those who use them. While some contend it’s the company’s own fault for its unsustainable pricing, Editorial Director Subadhra R. Sriram offers a word of caution... More

Top 20 Staffing Firms in Denmark 2010

3 November 2011

  • Denmark is the smallest Scandinavian staffing market in terms of revenue.
  • Adecco is the leader, with revenue just under €50 million
  • Randstad and ManpowerGroup also in the Top 5.

Irish Data Sources

3 November 2011

  • A list of data sources for Ireland
  • Academic resources, applicable government departments
  • Laws and regulations, contingent workforce market data
  • Trade associations and other organisations

Top 20 Staffing Firms in Finland 2010

2 November 2011

  • The Finnish market is highly fragmented, the Top 5 accounts for just 30% of market share.
  • Adecco and ManpowerGroup are the only foreign firms in the Top 10.
  • The market leader is the only staffing firm in Finland with annual revenue above €100 million in 2010.

Compliance: Bridging US & EU Privacy Laws

2 November 2011

The European Union restricts the transfer of personal data outside the EU. Companies using the services of vendor management systems or managed services providers need to ensure that they are adhering to applicable laws when storing their European Union-based contingents’ data in the U.S.