Recent Updates

2012 MSP RFP Template

29 May 2012

  • Template for issuing an RFP for a managed service provider
  • Notes added for guidance
  • Cut and paste as appropriate for building your own RFP 

A Look at the Italian Temporary Workforce Environment

28 May 2012

  • Overview of the Italian legal landscape
  • Significance of collective bargaining agreements
  • Details on employers' statutory costs

UK Monthly Hiring Trends April/May 2012

24 May 2012

  • APSCo data shows the market is deteriorating further
  • Online data suggests temporary vacancies still growing
  • Engineering still showing the brightest outlook

By the Numbers

23 May 2012

  • The net promoter score buyers gave managed service providers (MSPs) in 2011.
  • Suggestions on what MSPs could do better.
  • Percent of buyers using MSP, as a function of contingent spend.

The Other Side

23 May 2012

The Other Side: Treat Your Contingents Well

Power Seller

23 May 2012

Power Seller: The 5% Rule

Expert’s Corner

23 May 2012

Expert’s Corner: Friend, Not Foe

Quiet Giant

23 May 2012

A look at the second-largest staffing market in the world: Japan.

Setting Up Shop, Globally

23 May 2012

More and more companies are looking to expand their operations globally. Be sure you know how to set up MSP services abroad and be compliant.

Is It the Right Fit?

23 May 2012

Different strategies to cope with a managed service provider relationship.