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IP in a Contingent World

10 July 2013

The steep growth of contingent labor in the workforce has surfaced a number of new questions for businesses, among them the need to protect intellectual property (IP), writes Sharon Kaivani in the Designs on Talent blog.

SIA Research: Measuring the Managed Service Provider’s Performance

10 July 2013

In our 2013 Contingent Buyer Survey, we asked respondents about how they measured their managed service providers’ performance. The most common KPIs include stakeholder satisfaction, time to fill (cycle time), cost savings, fill rate, minimizing turnover and worker quality. This report, available... More

Licensed Staffing Firms in Spain

4 July 2013

  • Read our alphabetical list of licensed Spanish staffing firms
  • Details are included of domestic and international firms
  • The report identifies the geographic location of companies

By the Numbers

1 July 2013

In this month’s “By the Numbers”

  • Percent of increased costs due to healthcare reform that staffing firms expect buyers to absorb.
  • Percent of increased costs due to healthcare reform that buyers expect staffing firms to absorb.
  • Percent of staffing buyers confident that all their independent... More

The Buzz

1 July 2013

The Buzz: Get revved.

The Other Side

1 July 2013

The Other Side: Set up to win.

Power Seller

1 July 2013

Power Seller: Embrace it; it’s here to stay.

Expert’s Corner

1 July 2013

Expert’s Corner: A smooth ride.

Rising Tide

1 July 2013

Increased workers’ comp premiums and stricter underwriting are going to force staffing firms to pay attention to best practices.

Don’t Get Caught in the Web

1 July 2013

There are numerous ways staffing firms and their clients can run afoul of the law. Here are a few instances of how to sidestep some legal perils.