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Benefit of Counsel

1 February 2013

Can You Keep a Secret? The burgeoning concern over confidential information.

Straight Talk From the Customer

1 February 2013

The no-touch program: Why no direct hiring manager contact is beneficial for suppliers in an MSP program.

Beyond the Daily

1 February 2013

We include developments from the Staffing Industry Daily News and The Staffing Stream to help you focus on emerging movements that could shape your business for the better.

Letter From the Editor

1 February 2013

Our mission is to help you do your job better and grow the business.

Swiss Market Snapshot

1 February 2013

  • One page overview of the marketplace
  • Data on the Economy and Business Environment
  • and on the Staffing Industry

News Report January 2013

31 January 2013

Missed the news last month? Here is a quick overview of what happened in the staffing industry and the labour markets in Europe. Browse news by country or region and keep up to date with the latest financial reports, market trends and employment data – just click on the links below.

Setting the Right Workforce Mix

30 January 2013

Guest author Christopher Minnick explains what steps companies should take to determine the right workforce mix for their organizations.

Online Staffing on the Global Stage

30 January 2013

Online staffing platforms continue to gain traction as a source for contingent workers not just for companies based in the United States, but for those around the world as well.  

Apple Suppliers Reimburse Foreign Contingents’ Excess Recruiting Fees

30 January 2013

Apple Inc. required suppliers to reimburse $6.4 million in excess recruiter fees to contract workers at foreign operations in 2012. The computer maker also turned in a labor agency in China that had knowingly supplied underage workers to a factory.

Healthcare Reform Could Hold Unseen Peril

30 January 2013

Does it matter who directs contingent workers when it comes to the Affordable Care Act? It might, writes Editorial Director Subadhra R. Sriram in The Contingent Blog. Read more here