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New Group Fighting for Independent Contractor Relationships

12 June 2013

With U.S. and state governments taking aim at independent contractor relationships, a new organization comprised of businesses and ICs is fighting back.

Skinny Is the New Gray Under Healthcare Reform

12 June 2013

Vague language in the Affordable Care Act has opened the door to so-called “skinny” health policies, writes Editorial Director Subadhra R. Sriram in The Contingent Blog. It’s unclear whether these policies that cover few doctor’s visits and no hospitalization will be an option for staffing firms... More

Go Beyond Veteran Hiring Programs

12 June 2013

With 1.2 million military personnel returning home from overseas deployment over the next five years, current veteran hiring programs will not be enough, writes Bob Jones, CEO of Veterans Sourcing Group, in The Staffing Stream. In addition to employing veterans, firms need to review their supplier... More

What Confidential Surveys May Not Tell You

12 June 2013

A survey evaluating a team's performance can be a powerful tool for making that team more effective, writes Roger Schwarz on the HBR Blog Network. But while experts often advise those surveys be anonymous to ensure honesty, you can’t always trust the results, he says.

2013 VMS and MSP Supplier Competitive Landscape

10 June 2013

  • $100 billion in global VMS/MSP spend accounted for in this study
  • Global VMS and MSP spend in our study rose 21% and 18% in 2012, respectively
  • VMS providers reported 62 "mega-programs" (programs with annual spend over $300 million)

Portuguese Data Sources

5 June 2013

A list of data sources for Portugal including:

  • Academic resources, applicable government departments
  • Laws and regulations, contingent workforce market data
  • Trade associations and other organisations

News Report May 2013

5 June 2013

Missed the news last month? Here is a quick overview of what happened in the staffing industry and the labour markets in Europe. Browse news by country and keep up to date with the latest financial reports, market trends and employment data.

Leveraging the 21st Century Workforce

5 June 2013

As the size of the contingent workforce grows and the war for talent heats up, new management practices are emerging to retain and get the most out of your total workforce.

How Are Contingent Managers Evaluated?

5 June 2013

What criteria are CW managers most likely to be evaluated on? 

Drill Rig Firm Pays $687,469 in Misclassification Case

5 June 2013

A drilling rig firm and a mechanical contractor on an project are two new cases where companies paid overtime back wages as a result of misclassification of employees as independent contractors.