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International: As CW Markets Develop, Regulation Follows

16 October 2013

Regulation of contingent work tends to move in line with market development, and contingent work tends to enjoy a better image and more appropriate regulations in mature markets.

The Staffing Stream: The Skinny on Skinny Plans

16 October 2013

Some staffing firms may offer “minimum essential coverage” plans in lieu of full coverage. Attorney George Reardon discusses why this could be problematic in The Staffing Stream.

Freelancers Spur Gig Economy

16 October 2013

Whether they are attracted to the flexible lifestyle or because they can’t get a job locally that matches their skills, freelancers working through online exchanges are replacing traditional work, writes Ben Schenkel on

SIA Research: Largest Global Staffing Firms

16 October 2013

There are 119 staffing firms with global revenue of more than $300 million, which together account for 46 percent of the global market. This report ranks them, noting revenue, headquarters and how this year’s list compares with last year’s. CWS Council and corporate members can access the report... More

European Q2 Results

14 October 2013

Discover how listed staffing firms performed in Q2 2013.

Find out about activity levels and how turnover and net income have evolved.

See how the largest staffing firms fared.

Staffing Firm Executive Compensation Analysis 2013

10 October 2013

  • See the median compensation for European executives
  • Understand who is best remunerated
  • Compare increases in total compensation with revenue and market capitalisation

European Healthcare Staffing Market in 2012

10 October 2013

  • We believe Randstad is the clear leader in this relatively fragmented market; followed by Independent Clinical Services and Adecco.
  • The Top 20 firms outpaced the growth recorded by the European Healthcare market in 2012.
  • The UK is still the largest domestic market, but significant price pressure... More

Why SOW Arrangements Are So Important

9 October 2013

Buyers are becoming more and more interested in statement of work arrangements. Here are some of the top reasons why.

Plan RFPs Carefully

9 October 2013

RFPs are an important step in any company initiative, but there is much that needs to be considered beforehand in order to ensure the greatest success for your program and suppliers.

Freelancer Claims The Hollywood Reporter Misclassified Him

9 October 2013

The publisher of The Hollywood Reporter was sued by a worker claiming he was misclassified as an independent contractor.