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Performance gap widens between US IT staffing firms

16 May 2013

The performance gap between “high-profit” information technology staffing companies in the U.S. and typical firms in the industry has reached historic levels, according to the 2013 TechServe Alliance Operating Practices Report released by the TechServe Alliance.

Best Practices When Adopting an RPO Model

15 May 2013

RPO can be a viable option for your company given the right circumstances. Here's how to approach making the decision and how to select the right provider.

Online Staffing Sees Robust Growth

15 May 2013

Online staffing continued to show significant growth in the first quarter, with usage mainly from smaller businesses or directly (as non-programmatic spend) by line managers in larger businesses.

Retaliation Against Temps Leads to $1.5 Million Judgment

15 May 2013

A company that fired three contingent workers because they complained about sexual harassment faces a $1.5 million judgment, the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission reported Friday.

Cable Installer Owes $1 Million in Misclassification Case

15 May 2013

A cable television installer must pay almost $1.1 million in back wages and damages for misclassifying 196 employees as independent contractors, the U.S. Department of Labor announced.

Why Outsource Recruiting?

15 May 2013

Why do buyers consider outsourcing their recruiting function? Stephen Clancy, SIA’s director of contingent workforce strategies and research, explains what’s behind the trend in Staffing Industry Review.

Getting the Most Value From Your MSP

15 May 2013

When you implemented your MSP, you probably had very specific year-one and possibly year-two cost reduction targets. Harold Mills, CEO of ZeroChaos, shares how to realize more savings in years three and beyond in The Staffing Stream.

SIA Research: Contingent Worker Costs

15 May 2013

As provisions of the Affordable Care Act are implemented, as high unemployment lingers and as we continue to see disparity in workers’ compensation premiums, companies will need to be diligent in monitoring contingent workers’ costs. This report and tool are useful aids in budgeting and... More

Defining Independent Contractors in Organization Staffing

14 May 2013

Independent contractors can play a critical role in organizational staffing when hired and handled correctly, writes Traci Kingery on the BrightMove blog. Misclassifying those working as employees as contractors is a simple mistake with a complicated resolution.

Natural Selection: The Growth Of Professional Services, Temp Staffing

14 May 2013

Editorial Director Subadhra R. Sriram ponders the changing landscape of the staffing industry, with more options opening up for buyers of contingent labor in The Contingent Blog.