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Union Challenges UK AWR Effectiveness

22 January 2014

The Communication Workers Union is meeting with members of the European Parliament to discuss a formal complaint that charged the U.K. government with failing to adequately implement the European Union’sTemporary Agency Workers Directive, reports.

Enhance Your Employee Referral Program

22 January 2014

Employee referral programs are not new, but there are ways to boost your referral program — and it starts with gamification, writes Ziv Eliraz, founder and CEO of Zao, a social employee referral management platform, in The Staffing Stream. 

European Q3 Results

20 January 2014

  • Discover how listed staffing firms performed in Q3 2013.
  • Find out about activity levels and how turnover and net income have evolved.
  • See how the largest staffing firms fared.

Blog: IT boom boosts acquisitions

15 January 2014

Information technology staffing is hot, and so is the M&A market with buyers on the lookout for purchasing a solid IT staffing firm to take advantage of the growth in the IT staffing market.

Accenture taking over ACA website from CGI

15 January 2014

Accenture (NYSE: CAN) won a one-year contract to continue technical improvements on the U.S. federal Health Insurance Marketplace website, the company announced on Jan. 11. 

IT job growth decelerates in the US

15 January 2014

The U.S. is adding information technology jobs, but the growth rate for IT jobs has slowed throughout 2013, according to the TechServe Alliance’s IT employment index.

Staffing firm acquires iSymphony VMS

15 January 2014

WMS iSymphony Inc., a cloud-based vendor management system/managed service provider based in Houston, was acquired by Hamilton-Ryker IT Solutions.

Mitchell Martin buys IT staffing and search firm

15 January 2014

Mitchell Martin Inc. acquired the operating assets of NCO Staffing Inc., a New York-based information technology staffing and executive search firm.

CDI plans restructuring, global exec to step down

15 January 2014

CDI Corp. (NYSE: CDI) announced plans on Dec. 30 to cut staff and consolidate facilities as part of a restructuring in January designed to save the company $11 million to $13 million in 2014.

More IT contractors in UK expect wage increases

15 January 2014

Research by giant group found 64 percent of information technology contractors in the UK are predicting they will see an increase in wages in 2014, up from 63 percent who predicted the same last year.