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All grown up: the rise of recruitment process outsourcing

17 September 2014

Use of recruitment process outsourcing solutions continues to rise with record deals providing significant growth for the market.

Do you have it? New CW leadership skills are required

17 September 2014

Today's CW managers are looking at new requirements that go beyond the original program priorities of five to 10 years ago. 

Japan’s largest staffing company announces billion-dollar listing

17 September 2014

In a move that is expected to significantly impact the global staffing market, Recruit Holdings, the largest staffing company in Japan and fifth largest in the world, announced it will list on the Tokyo Stock Exchange next month.

Secretly formed temp firms cost company almost $2 million

17 September 2014

Grand America Hotels and Resorts agreed to forfeit $1.95 million after a group of managers formed temp firms to hire undocumented workers.

Cal/OSHA reverses course: staffing firms liable for injuries

17 September 2014

Last month, the California Division of Occupational Safety and Health (Cal/OSHA) overturned a nearly three-decade precedent that shielded staffing firms from liability if their temporary employees suffered injuries while under the client’s supervision.

Promoted: Experts address manufacturing's talent shortages, skills gap and other unique challenges affecting the manufacturing sector

17 September 2014

U.S. manufacturing is making a comeback, writes John Hollon, editorial vice president for Manufacturing has been growing steadily and now supports an estimated 17.4 million jobs in the United States. More to the point, more than 12 million Americans, or 9 percent of the workforce,  are... More

SIA Research: VMS & MSP Competitive Landscape

16 September 2014

This report, available to CWS Council members, examines the global landscape of vendor management system (VMS) providers and managed service providers (MSPs) delivering technology and services to companies looking to manage their contingent workforce. 

2014 VMS & MSP Landscape Summary

15 September 2014

  • This summary provides excerpts from the full 2014 VMS & MSP Landscape Report
  • 24 VMS providers and 25 MSPs participated in study
  • Report contains our size estimates of global VMS and MSP markets

Financial Results Calendar 2014

15 September 2014

  • See how your competitors or suppliers are faring
  • Provides a spreadsheet you can upload into Outlook
  • All future events listed will be covered in the Daily News 
  • All past events are linked to articles published in the Daily News

Staffing Firms in Israel 2014

12 September 2014

  • Data for the Labour Force
  • List of 90+ staffing firms
  • Breakdown of executive search, job boards and international companies.