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Latest Research

CWS Council Reference Guide - Contingent Workforce Sourcing Models - PDF

19 January 2007

On Assignment buys Oxford and Vista

12 January 2007

Rounds out professional staffing

Diversified allies with Furst

2 January 2007

The top staffing stories of 2006

15 December 2006

It was a profitable year

Creating a business with heart

26 October 2006

Industry veteran Cerullo launches Lucida

CWS Council Activity Guide 9 Negotiate Partner Contracts - PDF

3 October 2006

This roadmap step defines the legal relationship with suppliers as well as SLA's

CWS Council Activity Guide 5 Build Business Case - PDF

3 October 2006

This roadmap step proposes to senior management a plan for bridging the as-is and desired states

CWS Council Benchmark Cluster 4 Agency Performance Benchmarks - PDF

3 October 2006

CWS Council Activity Guide 3 Define As Is State - PDF

3 October 2006

This step on the roadmap involves a comprehensive review of current CW program resources, processes and performance

CWS Council Benchmark Cluster 2 Contingent Workforce Usage - PDF

3 October 2006