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Latest Research

CWS Council - Best Practices in Global Sourcing

11 February 2009

Building a global framework for managing your contingent workforce
Planning practices for implementing a global oversight model
Research practices prior to engaging global staffing suppliers

CWS Council - Summary of International Data Sources - UK

28 January 2009

Market data on the United Kingdom
Identifying potential staffing suppliers
Understanding local business practices

CWS Council - Sample Document - Supplier Selection Project Plan

7 January 2009

Sample agreement with a Service Provider
Centralizing the management of your CW program
High level project steps to be take in the supplier selection process

CWS Council - United Kingdom Market Summary

24 December 2008

Largest recruitment firms in the U.K. by revenue, skill-set and region
Key provisions from regulatory statutes to consider before you deploy
How taxes on wages differ in the U.K. and its impact on CW compensation

CWS Council - Choosing the Right VMS/MSP Partner

19 December 2008

Common supplier-selection pitfalls and how to avoid them
Figuring out which CW program model is right for your firm
Case-study:  United Parcel Service (UPS) and the importance of doing your homework

Managed Service Provider RFP Scorecard

2 December 2008

  • Tool for scoring managed service providers across numerous criteria
  • Criteria include strategic and competitive differentiation, program management, supplier management, quality, pricing, and more

VMS Provider RFP Scorecard

1 December 2008

  • Tool for scoring VMS providers across numerous criteria
  • Criteria include recruiting and requisition process, financial and reporting process, pricing, training and implementation, and more

Employee Blogs, SI Review November 2008

28 October 2008

Risks and Rewards in the Online Environment

CWS Council - Recruitment Process Outsourcing: An Overview

21 October 2008

Understanding Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)
How pure-play RPOs differ from staffing vendors
The fundamentals of how it works and key trends to watch out for

My Take: Health of the Healthcare Industry, SI Review October 2008

2 October 2008