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CWS Council - Benchmarking Contingent Workforce Program Performance Index

13 February 2008

Benchmarking initiative establishes standards for gauging program success
Overview of current practices in place for managing CW
Peer-group data provides a context for how your metrics stack up

CWS Council - ECG/Chimes Inoculation Checklist

25 January 2008

What do do if it happens to you
Preventative measures to be addressed in a new or existing contract
Legal liability and financial considerations to help protect your firm

CWS Council - CW Program - Business Case Template

17 January 2008

Building the business case for an actively-managed CW program
Nuts and bolts of drafting a formal document
Getting from as-is analysis to a compelling vision of the desired state

CWS Council Benchmark Cluster - Agency Management

20 December 2007

An overview of how companies evaluate and manage staffing suppliers
Understanding when specific supplier management strategies will be mainstream
Prioritizing staffing supplier performance metrics

CWS Council - Rate Intelligence Best Practices - PDF

27 November 2007

CWS Council: Workforce Mix Optimization Tool

5 October 2007

CWS Council - Agency Performance Review - Template and Best Practices

20 August 2007

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2 August 2007


We would love your comments

1 August 2007

CWS Council - Going Global: Best Practices in Contingent Workforce Program Globalization - PDF

24 July 2007