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Latest Research

New Research from Western Europe

5 February 2010

CWS Council - Sample Document - European Agency RFP Template - Excel Based

5 February 2010

Exhaustive Excel based RFP Template for Agency Services in Europe
Tabs Include:  RFP Instructions, Demand Profile, Pricing by Country, Service Delivery, Supplier Background, Existing Relationships, Price Guidelines, Current Pricing by Country, Quality, Job
Descriptions, Validation
Useful for Non-European... More

Keys to CW Success: Improving Your CW Program Quality and SatisfactionCWS 30 February 2.3

1 February 2010

WE Briefing — The Agency Workers Regulations 2010

26 January 2010

Keys to CW Success: Legal Risks and Your Contingent WorkforceCWS 30 January 2.2

18 January 2010

We're in a new crisis economy. Enforcement has stepped up. Are you prepared?

New Research from Western Europe

13 January 2010

WE Citation — Dictionaries, Glossaries, Lexicons and Thesauri

13 January 2010

Seven Attributes: Mitigating Risk, SI Review January 2010

7 January 2010

6 of 7 Attributes of Highly Competitive Staffing Firms.

2010 Moving Up, SI Review January 2010

7 January 2010

Staffing Business Looks to Improve in the New Year

Case Study: Providing Quality Technology Workers -- In an Instant, SI Review January 2010

7 January 2010