Terms of Use

Terms of Use

By using any of Staffing Industry Analysts'™ websites (and the Content on them), you are agreeing to these Terms of Use.

Definition of Content

The word "Content" as used in these Terms of Use refers to any materials, documents, images, text, trademarks, copyrighted materials, graphics, logos, design, audio, video, digital downloads, and any other information provided from or on Staffing Industry Analysts websites.

Usage and Permissions

Staffing Industry Analysts' websites and Content are the property of Staffing Industry Analysts (or, in some cases, 3rd party content suppliers) and are protected by U.S. and international copyright laws. You must also abide by all additional copyright notices or restrictions contained in the print versions of our publications and research.

You have the right to use Content for your own information purposes. Unless otherwise explicitly permitted by the terms of your Membership, or agreed to in writing by Staffing Industry Analysts, you may not copy, reproduce, distribute, publish, enter into a database or information storage and retrieval system, display, perform, modify, create derivative works, or transmit any Content, except that you may make one machine readable copy and/or one print copy for your personal use.

Access to much of the Content is restricted to Members who have been issued a user ID and password. If you have been issued a user ID and password in order to access our restricted-access Content, you may not share them with others unless otherwise explicitly permitted by the terms of your Membership. When you use your user ID and password, you warrant that you are the authorized Member and that you, when you signed up for Membership, you provided Staffing Industry Analysts with accurate information about yourself and your company.

You may include very limited excerpts of Content in printed memos, reports and presentations, but only for internal, non-commercial use. In these cases you must attribute this information to Staffing Industry Analysts by including the following with the excerpts: "(c)201_ Crain Communications Inc. All rights reserved."

Any other non-commercial use, and all commercial uses, of Staffing Industry Analysts Content from any of its publications, research or websites requires written permission from Staffing Industry Analysts, and some forms of reproduction will require you to pay a licensing fee.

Staffing Industry Analysts does not allow the reposting of its printed or online Content on a website (Intranet or Extranet) or public discussion board unless Staffing Industry Analysts has agreed to such use in a specific licensing agreement.


Staffing Industry Analysts may provide you with opportunities to post material, data, information, concepts, know-how, techniques, or ideas on its websites (for example, on discussion boards, blogs, comment sections related to a piece of Content, etc.). By choosing to make such a posting, you warrant that your posting is not unlawful and does not infringe on any intellectual property right. By choosing to make such a posting, you also agree to grant Staffing Industry Analysts an unrestricted, irrevocable license to use, reproduce, display, perform, modify, transmit and distribute your posting for any purpose without any obligation to you. An exception to this is any data or information about your company that you provide to Staffing Industry Analysts as part of your participation in the Staffing Industry Benchmarking Consortium (SIBC). This SIBC information will be kept private and confidential, and will only be shared publicly or to other members in aggregated form.

Staffing Industry Analysts may monitor postings of any kind to its websites, and reserves the right to modify or remove any postings that Staffing Industry Analysts, in its sole discretion, considers to be unlawful or inappropriate.

Moreover, beyond postings, Staffing Industry Analysts reserves the right to and may reject any information, offers, orders, suggestions, comments or other information submitted to Staffing Industry Analysts via any Staffing Industry Analysts website or other forms of submission (e.g. email, fax, etc).


Staffing Industry Analysts makes every effort to deliver high quality Content, products, and services. However, Staffing Industry Analysts cannot guarantee that its Content is accurate, up-to-date, or free from typographical errors, or that its websites will be free from interruptions, errors, computer viruses or other harmful components. All Content is provided AS IS and without warranties of any kind, either express or implied.

Limitation of Liability

Under no circumstances, including, but not limited to, negligence, shall Staffing Industry Analysts be liable for (a) any direct or indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages arising out of the use of (or inability to use) any Staffing Industry Analysts website, Content, product, or service, or (b) any claim attributable to errors, omissions, or other inaccuracies in any Staffing Industry Analysts website, Content, product, or service.


Staffing Industry Analysts' websites contain links to other websites maintained by third parties. Staffing Industry Analysts does not control or take responsibility for the Content or privacy practices of such third-party websites. Nor does providing a link suggest that Staffing Industry Analysts endorses the third party or website(s) being linked to.

Governing Law

The resolution of any dispute arising under these Terms of Use shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of the state of California, without regard to its conflict of law principles.


Staffing Industry Analysts reserves the right to modify, improve, or discontinue any aspect of our websites, including but not limited to website features and/or Content, at any time without any notice to you.

These Terms of Use are effective as of June 15, 2007. Staffing Industry Analysts reserves the right to change these Terms of Use at any time. Please check this page periodically for changes. By using our websites, you agree to be bound by such changes. If you have any questions about these Terms of Use or any of Staffing Industry Analysts' policies or practices, please contact us at memberservices@staffingindustry.com.