Legal, Legislative & Regulatory

WE Briefing - The Equality Bill

11 April 2010

WE Citation - Fluctuations in employment in a labour market with dual recruitment

1 April 2010

CWS Council - 2010 Independent Contractor Qualification & Compliance — Best Practices

31 March 2010

Simply the very latest research on independent contractor qualification & compliance practices.
What are the real risks inherent to engaging independent contractors?
How do you engage stakeholders in the program?
What are the questions you need to consider when constructing your vetting process?... More

WE Legs and Reg Advisor - March 2010

30 March 2010

We Briefing - Check the eligibility of your workers in the UK

16 March 2010

In Brief: Background Check Pitfalls, SI Review March 2010

9 March 2010

Staffing Industry Legal Issues

WE Briefing: Addressing the gender pay gap

8 March 2010

Keys to CW SuccessCWS 30 March 2.5

1 March 2010

Monthly Webinar Series: March 25, Managing Co-employment, Misclassification Risk and How the Federal Government Plans to Recover $7 billion in the Next 10 Years

Webinar sponsored by Advantage Resourcing

CWS Council - Insight - Changes in SUTA / FUTA and how it they effect the Contingent Workforce

23 February 2010

High unemployment in many states has resulted in dramatic increases to the SUTA rates
Nine states show average 2009 SUTA tax rates above 3.0%
Increases in SUTA tax rates disproportionately burden staffing firms, less so for increases in wage base
Many providers are looking to their customers to help... More

WE Briefing — The Agency Workers Regulations 2010

26 January 2010