CWS Council Research

CWS Council - Insight - Changes in SUTA / FUTA and how it they effect the Contingent Workforce

23 February 2010

High unemployment in many states has resulted in dramatic increases to the SUTA rates
Nine states show average 2009 SUTA tax rates above 3.0%
Increases in SUTA tax rates disproportionately burden staffing firms, less so for increases in wage base
Many providers are looking to their customers to help... More

CWS Council Member Provided Content - Achieving Program Balance Across Speed/Cost/Quality/Risk

10 February 2010

 A CWS Council Member provided PowerPoint graphic which illustrates the tension between differing program objectives and how they relate to the optimal program balance.
How do different stakeholders value decision criteria?
What at a high level are the different dimensions to consider and how do they... More

CWS Council - Sample Document - European Agency RFP Template - Excel Based

5 February 2010

Exhaustive Excel based RFP Template for Agency Services in Europe
Tabs Include:  RFP Instructions, Demand Profile, Pricing by Country, Service Delivery, Supplier Background, Existing Relationships, Price Guidelines, Current Pricing by Country, Quality, Job
Descriptions, Validation
Useful for Non-European... More

CWS Council - Developing Your Contingent Workforce Risk Management Strategy

30 December 2009

A framework for evaluating CW related risk events
Tools to determine appropriate risk responses
It's not just about co-employment risk

Paying Their Own Way,Contingent Workforce Strategies November/December 2009

24 November 2009

ADP manages its temporary worker program in-house

Best Practices: Level the Playing Field,Contingent Workforce Strategies November/December2009

24 November 2009

Winning strategies for dealing with niche staffing firms

CWS Council - Incorporating Statement of Work Consulting Into Your CW Program

9 November 2009

Benefits of integrating this oft-overlooked category of worker
A three-pronged model for situating worker classification
Market offerings and emerging best practices

CWS Council - Supplier Financial Risk Evaluation Tool

7 October 2009

How sound are your vendors financials?
Staffing vendor management in an age of systemic risk and market volatility
A tool for assessing suppliers' viability

A Mobile Experience,Contingent Workforce Strategies September/October 2009

23 September 2009

Qualcomm shapes its global contingent workforce a step at a time

WE Insight - Critical Challenges Facing Staffing Firms in Western Europe

26 August 2009