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Latest Research

WE Insight - UK Market Snapshot

27 August 2009

WE Insight - Critical Challenges Facing Staffing Firms in Western Europe

26 August 2009

Keys to CW Success: Celebrating the Everyday WorkerCWS 30 August 1.8

24 August 2009

Products and Services

WE Citation - Representation of Agency Workers 2009

21 August 2009

WE Briefing - Largest Staffing Firms in UK - August 2008

20 August 2009

Western European Citation - Legal Summary for Temporary Agencies across Europe - July 2009

18 August 2009

Western European Briefing - French Public Sector - July 2009

18 August 2009

Western European Insight - Listed Staffing Company Databank — July 2009

18 August 2009

CWS Council: CWS Council - 2009 VMS/MSP Competitive Landscape

14 August 2009

Most comprehensive analysis to date of key players in the VMS and MSP Market
Includes listing of suppliers with experience in Temp, SOW, Outsourced Services, Independent Contractors and Payroll service
Data on spend under management, capabilities and global footprint

Western European Citation - The application of Tax, National insurance and National minimum wage legislation for temporary workers in the UK.

12 August 2009