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Latest Research

The Netherlands — Kelly Services tackle increasing Dutch illiteracy

10 August 2009

UK — Government crackdown on illegal practises by recruitment agencies

10 August 2009

Germany — Association comments on latest temporary employment figures

10 August 2009

Measuring the Health of Healthcare Staffing, SI Review July 2009

29 June 2009

The Future of Healthcare Staffing, SI Review July 2009

29 June 2009

2009 Healthcare Staffing Summit, September 15 and 16, Washington DC

Healthcare, SI Review July 2009

29 June 2009

The Only Staffing Game in Town

CWS Council - RFP Template: 1099 Compliance & Payrolling Support

28 May 2009

How to broaden the creative range of solution proposals
Connecting dialogue with suppliers to strategic business objectives
A robust tool for structuring the procurement process

CWS Council - 2009 Program Performance Benchmarks Report

27 March 2009

Building a baseline to contextualize CW program metrics
Putting it all together: quality, efficiency, cost and risk
How to translate quantitative measures into qualitative results

CWS Council - Sample Document - CW Implementation Checklist

12 March 2009

One way to structure the implementation of a CW program
Getting it right, from start to finish
Includes crucial post-implementation steps: training, reporting and communicating

CWS Council - Summary of International Data Sources - Switzerland

20 February 2009

Market data on Switzerland
Identifying potential staffing suppliers
Understanding local business practices